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  1. Your advice, although appreciated, is seven years too late. I agree in terms of my style. Probably why I'm enjoying retirement now.
  2. Any conversation about "moral high ground" regarding "raiding" coming from the leader of an alliance that allows raiding is clearly disingenuous.
  3. Next time - surrender, assuming what you are implying is correct. What else is anyone ever remember for on this planet?
  4. It's a transporter. Yes.
  5. You said he was free to go. That was the deal. As the person speaking for him, it is not my job to read your mind and figure out that when you say “free to go” what you actually mean is “free to go except to KoRT.” KoRT did not provide TDE with “sanctuary” because he left and joined them after you all agreed to release him. They took in a new member like any other alliance. KoRT is being attacked because Cobrasphere ( probably specifically Lucius) is still interested in revenge. You might as well stop with the faux outrage. This is Planet Bob. Embrace your need
  6. You might want to reread the entire first half of the DoW. It is all about TDE.
  7. So much for having any faith in the deals made by @Johnny Apocalypse Did @Lucius Optimus cry too much and finally convince you all to attack? Congratulations Lucius. Just to be clear for everyone else, TDE never left KNB until the war was entirely over and it was with permission from JA.
  8. You may one day want to try diplomacy in lieu of goading.
  9. It is not SOP, but Cuba never forbid it either. Individual raiders have a lot of freedom. When I was raided by a DBDC nation before joining I and the the persons who were attacked returned GA fire and got a message back saying essentially "I'll consider this even and we can peace out or I'll let nukes fly if peace is not accepted - you're choice." We decided to consider it even. You probably never had direct confirmation because there is no specific SOP. I feel zero need to demonstrate that I have balls. Hard pass.
  10. So you're saying DBDC should turn off our secret mind control rays that Cuba and TB Raiders developed so effectively and passed on to the rest of us that force our targets to do nothing but offer peace. I'll think about it.
  11. Moral high ground?! Okay, that hurts. No one has accused me of even pretending such trash in years. I am sure that was intended as an insult as someone from Non Grata talking about moral high ground is hilarious. No, no, it's more "come at me, bro."
  12. Total hogwash. Your way of life is really no different than anyone else. Your guy offered peace, which was entirely in his self interest (read pixels).
  13. Nations do what they feel they must to protect their own self interests. That has been going on for years and is the basis of the entire "alliance" system in the first place.
  14. @Lord Hitchcocksays he confirms. As his e-lawyer I am passing that along. He also said that he has previously (I assume in private). As I've said in private - trying to keep him in the basement. If you REALLY want him out of it then do not say you were not warned :P
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