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  1. To this day, I don’t understand how a text based game with a bunch of strangers was so much damn fun. Edit: Are there any other text based games like this was that are thriving right now? The community here was great, and it truly was one of those things you got what you put into it.
  2. Man this game was crazy. Joined in spring of ‘07 before UJW. Got recruited into TotalFarkistan! Then ended up after a merger in TPF. Didn’t understand what was going on during UJW, but remember getting hooked reading OWF. Was in TPF until I ragequit and floated around a few alliances until I ended up back at TPF in some random minister position. The whole Vox Populi thing happened and there was a spy group called like Blackstone or something that I got caught posting guides to. I guess TPF had different guides for different permissions, so they were
  3. Just checking in. Tried to awhile back and the forums were dead.What happened? Good times...Y’all were some crazies
  4. Requesting $3,000,000 in monetary aid please. I have one slot open immediately.
  5. Requesting $3,000,000 in monetary aid please. I have one slot open immediately.
  6. I can't believe you people tell people about this.
  7. Requesting $6,000,000 in rebuilding aid to rebuild myself from the perils of the wakakakakakaka
  8. STL or KC I'd go. But, if I leave early because it is too awkward and ya'll are too weird, don't be mad. It's nothing personal, I just don't like you.
  9. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1320777832' post='2841756'] U mad about something? [/quote] You've been going down on me for a year now.
  10. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1320772785' post='2841697'] You got your alliance smoked in a war by legion, yeah youwish you were pretty much the worst emperor yet. [/quote] I don't think that was quite the exact case, but congratulations on your selective revisionist logic! At least I didn't merge the New Sith Order in an admittance of total failure and become a bitter ass blowhard spouting !@#$ no one cares about on the forums in a desperate cry for attention. !@#$%*, please! Get the $%&@ off my nuts bro, for real. You've been going down strong for about a year now! Are yo
  11. [quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1319686535' post='2832818'] Losing 50% of your original NS by most people's definition equals being rolled. [/quote] We're not most people.
  12. [quote name='adrian' timestamp='1319581331' post='2832281'] No, he said Sparta wasn't going to do anything to you, and why should we?[/quote] You shouldn't.
  13. [quote name='Sabcat' timestamp='1319564452' post='2832166'] I'm not gov. I'm sure you can find gov in a channel somewhere and ask them. I like your post though sunshine, you sound like a man who thinks he's winning which is great. Lets fight on. [/quote] I wasn't talking to you. It's pretty clear that I quoted [s]Mr.[/s]Dr. Alexander Kerensky.
  14. Yeah, bro... That's not our flag. Really hasn't been for about 10 solid months now.
  15. [quote name='Alexander Kerensky' timestamp='1319561287' post='2832138'] I have no doubt you guys will try and play the terminology error out as such but it is not. The referenced AA would not leave unless Tetris was out, I made very clear that Legion wanted nothing except a surrender from Tetris which they did not want. Since they did not want that the other AA's didn't want out, the semantics of trying to say a "condition" being put on Tetris was talking about what would have already been tentatively agreed in part of the other AA's isn't a condition as a normal way things line out when it
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