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  1. has not set their statusssssssss

  2. I wish I had a graph of visitors per day compared to the avi I have at that moment.


  3. I blame you for at least 20.

  4. What do you mean "give you acid"?

    Also blackcurrent and apple ftw.

  5. I dont :P

    I dont tend to drink fizzy drinks unless its something mixed with vodka.

    Prefer fruit juice.

  6. The ones here go flat after about 2 minutes of being open.

    That and they taste horrible


  7. You know store brand versions of coke?

    Basically brown water with suger.

    Well its that.

    Its the type of coke that costs 2p per gallon.

  8. Nah that usually means rubbush like Rola Cola etc etc D:

  9. When no one offered me anything after 20 minutes I changed it back D:

  10. I dont like the new avi. Mine I mean D:

    I doesnt feel right :V

  11. Your eyes. They decieve you >_

  12. It doesn't. >_>

  13. Prob cause I am a chick :v



  14. why thank you very much :v

  15. Inspector Gadget the cartoon?

    Havent seen that since I was like 5 :P

  16. Oh my! Gris is 21!


    Also birthday, happy you, to! :s

  17. This is a bomb.

    It will delete your postcount if you read it.



  18. How dare you sir. One does simply not walk into another mans abode and offend him.


  19. Get out of my comment box :'(

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