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  1. I'm unsure of which wonder would be best for the 3BR resource set (with Uranium and Fish).


    For the Moon wonder, Radon seems to be the best bonus resource because it gives $6+ population income for Water and Uranium.


    For the Mars wonder, Sodium would give 4 happiness (approximently $8+ population income) plus 50% GRL reduction.



    And then there's also the other stats that the wonders affect.

  2. There's two things to take in consideration. How much damage one can do, and how much damage they can absorb. EQ has the numbers to absorb the damage.




    Hmm, now there's five targets for him to nuke, and three of them are dealing a similar amount of damage he dealt them. And all of them are guarntee to win GA attacks.


    He seems to hate me though. I'm always the first one to get nuked. :mellow:

  3. My tech heavy opponent depleted his nuke reserve.


    He has four targets to shoot at, and can at best target two, or at worst none (SDI can be a pain at times). All four targets still have nukes.


    Yesterday, he spent his two nukes on me. All of them thwarted.


    Had I also had the infra advantage, his GAs would've been more risky. But that doesn't matter because his ability to blow up 500 infra in one go is gone.

  4. There are a handful of middle tier fighters (65K and below) that are sitting in DEFCON 5, in war mode, and haven't been attacked for at least a few days. It's a repeat of DH's upper tier situation.


    -blah- Tech and War Chests win wars, and EQ in all their adorable bumbling just don't quite meet up with us on that front. And unlike a lot of EQ players, our lower tiers are more than happy to fight at zi for months on end. :3 Which is quite unfortunate for EQ but. . . Our economic programs will let us rebuild in no time. ^.~


    -not worth quoting-


    Buying infra: cheap


    Buying enough infra to least being rolled consistently in GAs: expensive


    Buying enough infra at least being rolled consistently in GAs, then repeating that more than a few times: Even more expensive.


    Buying enough infra to get out of the shark tank: "Dude, your warchest is on fire."



    As for the morale and economic program, on what evidences do you have to backup your claim? Sounds dripping with propoganda. In fact, I'm fairly sure your lower and middle tier fighters will have greater morale decline because those that don't end up in PM, stay being dogpiled until they're near ZI (or ZI'ed), surrender, or somehow slip into PM. Our mid-low tier fighters can take a break when needed.



    And as for your economic program, there's a bit of a problem. It's called a bottleneck, which is your aid slots.

  5. HHAYD, I mean this in the nicest way. I'm sure as a person you have many many positive qualities and things you should be proud of. Have you considered that the making of propaganda images might not be one of these things?


    I wasn't using that picture pulled off from CN Wiki as a propoganda. I was explaining a propoganda using statistics.

  6. indeed that is the case.. well as long as nations have a good warchest....


    A simple soulution would be the grind down your opponent's warchest. Force him/her to rebuy infra if possible.


    A nation with 13K of tech and less than 1K of infra is not going win any GAs anytime soon against balanced or infra heavy fighters. Worse if such tech heavy fighter depleted his nuke stockpile.

  7. When I attempted to nuke him yesterday, I got the message on the left.




    The message on the right, well, seems odd. Because he was able to slip in a nuke earlier than the game supposedly allowed, it costed me badly when he launched GA attacks shortly afterwards.




    EDIT: Here's the "War Declared" message:






    EDIT 2: I've also just noticed that the war would last for 8 days. I'm assuming the server rounded the 11:55 to 12:00, correct?

  8. I accidentally spied a guy's cruise missiles the other day. 


    The Commander-in-chief may or may not have been drinking at the time.  Officials will neither confirm nor deny that report.


    Welcome to the club, though 20 of my spies were killed. :P

  9. The infra damages at the lower levels are of near negligible cash value.  I would gladly forego a few GA victories in return for blowing up $20 million.

    If the target in question does not have a warchest, then you should be reserving your spy ops for someone who does.


    And what if the target has over 10k of infra and an absurd amount of tech?

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