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  1. A nation can only be defeat alerted once per day, and basically a nuke counts as a defeat alert. (it doesn't matter what, once a nation has been nuked, they can't be defeat alerted that day.) And a nation can only be defeat alerted once per day, regardless of how many wars they have going.


    I understand that they could only be DA'ed once, but I thought there would be a separate DA message after the nuke.



    How do some people play this game for years and understand so very little.


    I'm sorry sir, but there's a thing called RL, and memory loss of skills that aren't frequently used. I'm in Physics and AP Calc, and CN isn't my top priority.

  2. So more than 95% of Co is in war mode?  I didn't think so. If that was the case eQ would've stopped making peace mode jokes by now


    I think he meant the NS range. In certain NS ranges for both sides, you step out of PM, good luck.


    God forbid if you DoW someone and end up fighting a 4-6 front war with little backup.

  3. One word: SDI.


    I've seen people throw five or six nukes and still have the SDI hold up. The fact is that three nations coordinating against one opponent will do more damage than one nation trying to dish it all out.



    Here's a simple solution:




    Sadly, it can't done if you don't have anymore reserve nukes.



    Also, let me restate, that one person can nuke three people, which will be recorded as 3x damage to the triple team's alliance. The three people can only nuke the person once, recording only 1x damage to the outnumbered alliance.


    GA damage < Nuke damage

  4. Maths are hard.


    If both sides have an equal negative slope, that means they are both performing at the same rate. This in turn means that it takes one DH/CnG nation to do the damage that eQ does with three nations.


    And by having larger numbers, it should mean that eQ is able to throw more punches and thus dealing more damage, which they are not.


    In a group of 2, 3, 4, or more EQ members, only one can nuke. The opponent however, can nuke all of them, and most likely put out additional damage due to the stereotypical higher tech level. However, had the game mechanics allowed each attacker to nuke once, that one guy would probably get ZI'ed within a round or two of fighting due to focused damage.


    My current opponent ran out of nukes. He will have three attackers in his NS range. He will only be able to nuke at most two and at worst none, while his attackers can replenish their nukes faster than they're firing.


    Three months from now, one side is going to scrape the bottom of the nuke barrel a lot sooner than the other. And with no nukes, means no major nuke damage, and no insta GA/air victories.

  5. As I read these posts I wonder how many people posting about the top tier have actually fought in the top tier during this war, I know a bunch of the DH guys have, but I wonder if the EQ guys have, because it doesn't seem like it.  If they did, they would know we are absolutely dominating them, you talk about the 3-1, you are correct DH has been fighting 3 DH vs 1 EQ in the top tier.  Also many has spoken about the DH re-buying infra to jump out of the fight, I have noticed a few EQ buying infra to jump into our range, and getting promptly and quickly beat down each time, that cant be good for EQ warchests.


    I was in the upper tier, at 135K NS. It was going smoothly until somebody DoWed on me (he sold his stuff to get down from 175K NS), and the other target suddenly start hitting back, resulting in a 2 v 1 fight.


    They had the initial advantage with the update attacks (OOC: Studying for an AP Calculus test, sleep deprivation was not an option. :OOC), and later I got consistently screwed over by mine and his spy operations, dispite a 50/50 chance for both of us. I'm pretty sure my spies went in drunk (and always failed), and his spies had cloaking tech.


    Now I'm just a part of a group of four dragging someone who started at 100K NS down into the shark tank. He's a little under 90K NS as of now. Most likely around 85K by next evening.


    I find it interesting that a couple of EQ folks in the 60K-80K NS range are collecting tax, in DEFCON 5, and aren't in peace mode. A repeat of DH's upper tier situation. I've never seen something like that before.



    I'll be back here when the first alliance throws in the towel. It's going to be a long war, and the only popcorn I have are four years old (OCC: They are literally that old :OOC).

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