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  1. Wait, what? TPF cancelled on NPO for MI6? I'll have to search the forums, but if this is true, why are we even talking about this any more? TPF made their choice.


    No, it was the other way around. We got a mail in our forums about the cancellation. NPO did not announce it on the OWF. Though some of the TPF members, including me, suspected that NPO was going to do something after we refused to join them in a war that involved NPO and DoomHouse, after they had already allied with Umbrella.


    There were also frequent cases of Umbrella spying on us before and after the treaty cancellation. NPO told us to ignore it. Funny, they kicked off the Karma War by being aggressive over suspicions of spying.




    See when this kind of drama is locked up in back rooms nobody knows who to believe when it becomes public later. Not that NPO particularly needs to care what myself or others think either way, but it's certainly sloppy PR.


    Sloppy PR of them or us? I think if you dig up in the OWF or CN Wiki, you'll find records of their treaty with Umbrella.


    Doesn't matter. You seem to type that prefers to shoot anyone that looks funny.




    Does it really matter? Why do people still get worked up over this? It's a game, and you have to play the cards you're dealt. CBs went out of style years ago, so here we are at the high point of the year yet again, blowing up stuff just for the heck of it.


    War...war never changes.


    Good to hear that you're more than happy to stick knives in your allies' backs, after they've already taken a few bullets for you.

  3. It's funny, because I remember when TPF gave us an ultimatum to drop NSO or TPF would cancel our treaty. We picked TPF then and canceled on NSO to show TPF how much they meant to us.


    Fast forward and then TPF buddied up with a group we didn't like without any attempts at communicating with us. I'm sorry NSO, but you don't really have anything to fear.


    Hi. You might recall that TPF doesn't have the best relations with Umbrella. And NPO became Best Friends Forever with Umbrella or whatever, without much notifications.

  4. Didn't someone make a 3D treaty web program which could do this much easier?


    I remember trying to draw a treaty web about two years ago.


    At least 5 treaties were changed and a bloc was dissolved before I was even 1/4 done with the map.


    I'm pretty sure it's throughly obsolete by now, if I can find it.

  5. The worst ones are those that spill over from the intra-alliance forums, and/or if they cause someone to leave or be attacked, and espicially if an entire alliance gets rolled. That's when you know something is up.


    I remember in a previous alliance that I was in, the week that I was suppose to join, it was getting curbstomped (around 20 vs over 300) by three significantly larger alliances due to personal conflicts that started about 2-3 years ago, between the alliance leader and someone else.


    Let's just say that the two rivials used to be in a same alliance (now non-existant) before they both left and clashed repeatedly. One of them was appointed to act as the prosecuter for the alliance's forum court trial, and the other one was the suspect. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. Last night around 10:00pm to 11:00pm Wendsday, I conducted naval operations against lebubu, and rebought 7 ships.


    Today, the limit on my purchases was 7/8 and I could not launch naval attacks against lebubu, because apparently 8:00am Thursday was the same day was 10-11pm Wendsday.


    "You have already launched 3 naval operations today. Your
    naval crews are not prepared to conduct additional operations at this time."


    I do not have the sent messages to exactly date my attacks since my opponent routinely deletes them.

  7. Link to my nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=247512


    Resource set: 3BR + Uranium and Fish


    Tech: 10444.19


    Infra: 5999.99 (Screwed up nation config at the wrong time, thus forcing me to collect and not buy any infra)


    Budget: Enough for a Mars wonder with 500+ infra, or a 1K+ infra jump if I buy the Moon wonder, or enough for about 2K of infra jump without any wonders. Plus leftover money for the warchest.


    I also have every wonder except for Weapons Research Complex.

  8. Why do people delete their wars? I take screenshots of mine in case my opponents delete them.
    I plan to total my numbers when the war is over and see how supremely I have pwned. lol.


    Perhaps as an attempt to avoid being traced and re-DoWed on? Or has a minor compulsive disorder of feeling the urge to delete anything "expired"?

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