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  1. I forgot finalize my 6+ English project's rough draft papers, its 10:32 PM here, and its due tomrrow. Yay... T_T

  2. I will give a slice of cake that is 32 nanometers thick to whoever can identify what size of the semiconductor device fabrication was used in the sheet of microchips that are in my April 7th (2011) background or profile photo. The rest of the cake will be given to whoever can identify what kind of microchips does one of the wafers contain. Double the about if a person can answer both questions corretly before April 18th.

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    2. HHAYD


      Hint: The wafer in the profile background consist of Intel's processors. The wafer in my profile's picture consist of AMD's processors. Also, pay close attention to the thickness of the slice of cake that I promised.

    3. Fizzydog


      32 nanometers! :3

    4. HHAYD


      Congratulations, you shall receive your two 32nm thick slices of the cake ( http://dualshockers.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/portal-cake.jpg ).

      BTW, there's only a few of Intel's and AMD's codenames for processor architectures that are based on the 32nm process. The internet is your friend, especially Google image.

  3. Total nonsense. No sane person would ever copy your horrific new posting style. You must have used mind control......

    Oh dear, oh crap, oh dear, oh crap...

    (HHAYD enters the irrational denial mode, unable to accept the fact that he has copied Beffspari's posting style)

  4. Should I keep my current background, or continue using my tile of previous signatures?

    1. Fizzydog


      Previous signautres! NO, current! NO, previous! NO, current! NO....

    2. HHAYD


      Make up your mind, or suggest something that is related to demotivational or science. I can't just leave my profile background blank. T_T

    3. HHAYD


      Or should I combine my current and previous background picture? One side is the current one, the other side is the previous one...


  5. Congratulation on turning some of the worst posters around here even worse as well as allowing me to confirm how fast new posting styles are picked up by CN members and how many members had fled the forums permanently after breaking their addiction to CN. I think we can put our differences apart. For science.

    You monster... >:o

  6. Could you clean your inbox please?

  7. Yo, I can't send you any messages. Clean up your inbox please. Kaythxbai.

  8. Darn it, although there is always the Halloween Holiday and April Fools Day... :awesome:

  9. You wouldn't mind if I can use a picture of a zombie Pikachu as my avatar, right?...

  10. Your RPs: EPIC LULZ

  11. I never looked at you! Neeeevvvveeeerrrrrr...

  12. Subtle, your inbox is full and I can't send a PM to you.

  13. Congratulations, you broke my comment box.

  14. Happy Birthday!

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