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  1. [quote name='NoMercy' timestamp='1334388553' post='2952929'] Considering what they have swallowed for you, the losing wars (partly with pathetic reasons on your part), the PR hits - "lapdog" etc. that's a pretty retarded reason. [/quote] That pretty much sums it up. I've watched Invicta take more than a few bullets for Pacifica. You'd think they could at least have taken [i]one[/i] for us with the CSN PIAT.
  2. [quote name='Laslo Kenez' timestamp='1318002524' post='2819735'] Stupidity is, unfortunately for some, not the same as honour. [/quote] Is that similar to canceling treaties because you don't feel like supporting your allies? When our allies ask us for help, we step in. Hell, we had thirteen alliances fight us, and still managed white peace. So, feel free to aid from the shadows, but please refrain from being legalistic about treaties.
  3. [quote name='EpsilonPhoenix' timestamp='1318000798' post='2819702'] It's been repeated quite a few times. Legion told their allies to stay out. Since they are holding their own against everyone attacking them I don't see a problem with this. [/quote] They secretly feel ashamed that it takes several alliances to fight the Legion. If Tetris was comprised of honorable men, they'd go it alone.
  4. That wasn't much of a comeback. EDIT: Oh, porky. I want to come visit though. Can I get a day-pass?
  5. o/ Legion Best of luck with the war. It is my sincerest hope that you purge Tetris, and the rest of their cowardly allies from your borders.
  6. [quote name='USMC123' timestamp='1317877106' post='2817968'] There is a whole lotta "U MAD" in this thread. [/quote] Not really. Everyone knows GATO's been leading from the back since day one.
  7. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1301679465' post='2682290'] You don't even want to know. [/quote] Are there tentacles involved?
  8. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1301676667' post='2682242'] AA attacks are all well and good, but really, I'm sure you're all better than that. Let's find some [i]real[/i] dirt to attack each other over, put some effort into it. [/quote] Fair enough. Why can't Invicta members access the cat-girl section of the Lucky Star forums? Why are you treating us like a second-class member? I need my cat-girl fix.
  9. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1301676331' post='2682236'] Oh you did *not* just go there, Invicta member.[/quote] Oh yes I did.
  10. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1301675502' post='2682226'] Joke or not this is extremely embarrassing, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. [/quote] As should you based on your AA. o/ Lucky Star!
  11. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1300334058' post='2666890']At long last the dream of the Kingdom and Doomhouse grows manifest--that we may have a world free of [s]the cruel emotion and crippling condemnation that so dominates our past.[/s] other alliances who have a differing opinion than our own, and are not actually a threat but we'll attack them anyway.[/quote] I fixed it for you. You're welcome.
  12. [quote]To the Purple Sphere, Vote Michel de Ruyter for the Senate![/quote] Ah...good times. Best of luck to you Valhalla. You have indeed changed, and I'm glad to see it.
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