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  1. Galamoth

    Future warfare

    To summarize: 1. People didn't feel like supporting a so-so cause 2. There will never be a large war again Makes perfect sense to me. Side note: Many would argue this war started because one alliance didn't like another.
  2. Galamoth

    NFL Draft

    No way in the world Seattle passes on O-line to take a Quarterback at six. Trent Williams or possibly Bulaga will happen before they take a QB. They traded a second rounder I believe for Whitehurst. Side note: I'll believe Bulaga over Trent Williams when I see it. Chiefs need playmakers on the field. They might hope for a tackle to slip into the second but I find it hard to believe they'd pass on Berry. Jags won't take Spiller. They have MJD. They have a couple quality guys who can play relief duty. When you consider the other pressing needs for the team, almost everywhere on defense tbh, QB, it's unlikely they'd invest a high draft pick on another Running Back. If anything, they might trade down for someone that is getting antsy over Spiller or if they stay there, I see someone like Joe Haden being the choice.
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