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  1. Yeah, with all the strays returning home, there should be a quick jump there. As far as buybacks go, that could make the gains jumping around a lot over the next few weeks as people hit their backcollections and polish up their ruins.
  2. [quote name='Fyfe XIV' timestamp='1296241576' post='2607744'] Is it really necessary for VE to make an entire topic devoted to declaring on a 27 man alliance? [/quote] You say that like making a topic's tremendously difficult and time-consuming. Look, I'm not judging anyone. I doubt there was a great deal of consideration given when the blog DoW was posted. IMO, we ought to all call this a lesson learned, and try to keep DoWs where DoWs traditionally go, where people look for them and expect them, rather than put them where it seems like they're hidden. It's just easier not to have to go
  3. Yeah, I didn't know if it was your end or mine, but I suspected yours (since usually I get a bounce-back in the rare occurrences when one doesn't go through). Glad everything's solved now, though I don't envy you sorting through about 250 emails. That sounds tiring.
  4. [quote name='Hiro Nakara' timestamp='1293028968' post='2549979'] I haven't seen your other flag. This piece of graphics in the OP is pleasing to the eyes though. Is your official flag better? [/quote] I dunno. I'm not all that impressed with it, and therefore I'm withholding cake from our Betsy Ross. [quote name='hoff10' timestamp='1293042903' post='2550182'] Is Legacy kind of a big deal? [/quote] I hope so. Otherwise I was misled, and I hate being misled almost as much as I hate being led in the first place.
  5. I know I've gotten resources that weren't perfect before, and I immediately threw my hands in the air and quit CN in frustrated fury. Why not let you make as many nations as you want on the first day, so long as you just keep one of them? Look, randomized resources are part of the game. True, they're not all the same, but most of the bad ones aren't as bad in TE, and truly terrible combinations are few and far between. Besides, two days doesn't kill anyone. With a competent group who can help you with trades, you ought to be fine. Even without one, you don't lose much from that couple of d
  6. I think you're under the mistaken impression that this is some sort of cunning plot to orchestrate an environment where I would win every round. I'm not sure how you've come to that conclusion, but I regret to inform you that's not the case. You seem to think that walking away without a flag is utter failure, and because I haven't, I'm worthless. Fact is, I barely make an effort, and certainly not a concerted one. I don't particularly expect to win. Heck, I don't know what I'd do with the flag if I got it. What I expect is to make a good showing, either by ending up with a respectable NS/ran
  7. I never claimed it was "necessary," only that it would be a distinct improvement. I enjoy your personal attacks as an argument against my suggestion, however. That's quite a productive approach. You don't think that a random end time would improve gameplay? It would take away the "last second surge," forcing those people to play for lasting strength instead of building a house of cards at the final moment (if their schedules permit them being on at update of the reset.) It would force warring alliances to think on a loose timescale instead of a rigidly defined one, thus increasing variance i
  8. It seems like the first few rounds, things were wild and free. But now? Now everything's gotten so methodical and planned that it's taking all the fun out of TE. People can't just fight in the last quarter of the round. Everyone has to go after their target lists and ensure they can't collect. Forget winning battles (that's for chumps!), so long as you're nuking on the prepared schedule. Attack up, against unreasonable odds, knowing you'll get stomped (that makes sense, right?), just so long as you're dragging someone else down with you. It's about as tactical as Tic Tac Toe. I have a
  9. Having a ton of casualties is just a sign of military ineptitude anyway. A good commander wins without sacrificing his men unnecessarily.
  10. This certainly doesn't fix everything, but: [quote name='Delta1212' timestamp='1282857534' post='2432032'] Ok, I have a question. We have two major problems that most people agree on in terms of the core gameplay. First, large nations have way too much money and very little to do with it. This leads to such problems as boredom from lack of options, wars that drag on for months because that's how long it takes for war chests to run dry, and then don't flare up again for months afterward because everyone wants to restock their cash before war kicks off again, and probably one or two other t
  11. [quote name='CubaQuerida' timestamp='1281749132' post='2415171'] What NB / Porkshrmp / BasktballN / TFD does is not war and is not in the least bit respectable. You have perpetually taken advantage of the fact that the round is only 60 days long and one nuke can disable up to 10% of a nation's collect. Therefore you can call yourselves underdogs, non-cowards or whatever you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you only hide for 50 days just to declare on people who are high NS, send one nuke at the 55 day mark, and then log off. I have YET to find any of these rogues worth fightin
  12. [quote name='commander thrawn' timestamp='1281675561' post='2413964'] Can I make a thread whining about how RE are bigger than us? [/quote] Feel free, but expect a comment about how you guys are 63 times bigger than me (by nations) or 36 times (by NS). That is, if I bother looking at the forums again before the round's over. I do have you in average NS, though. Also, why is it nobody can carry on a conversation in TE? I've had the most boring wars here. I say things, nobody replies. What's the deal? Is it in your little "how to" handbooks to be utterly silent? Are you afraid I'll
  13. [quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1281140696' post='2403274'] The nations on none are exactly that, without the AA because of reasons not under their control. [/quote] And perhaps, if you (by which I mean PC) had presented this thread as such initially, it wouldn't be attracting the comments it's getting. *shrugs* I can't help but think you've chosen this course on purpose, and actually wanted these nations (theoretically your protectorate) to be raided, in the hopes to present you with the opportunity to war an alliance you vastly overpower. Call me cynical if you want (you're probably
  14. [quote name='sammykhalifa' timestamp='1280940779' post='2400793'] That's nothing, you should see what they are doing to OUR alliance. It's okay though. I'm working on a plan to destroy them from within. [/quote] They'd do well not to underestimate your plan. I mean, look how well it worked on Iunctus.
  15. [quote name='Voytek' timestamp='1280220463' post='2391034'] Too bad it isn't in itself a moral position. Whoops! Absolute truths and facts do exist. Absolute morality does not. If all you can come up with to counter the objective truth of moral relativism is "lol dats an absolute claim ownd!!" then you need go back to the drawing board. Phoning it in again? [/quote] Your claim that absolute morality does not exist is, in itself, assuming knowledge you cannot possibly have. I assume, from your continued protests that O-dog provide evidence, that you can cite some sort of universal law p
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