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  1. He's in TPF, what do you expect? Jk <3 tpf
  2. haha, hilarious sig. I love the gif

  3. jeff barr

    Stump the Engineer

    I guess that's true when you are redesigning something, but a large part of engineering is inventing something that doesn't exist. If companies didnt innovate, they wouldn't remain dominant in industry. I think that is the whole concept behind engineering. Most projects requiring engineering are tough projects. Much tougher then the common man can just pick up and do. How do you design a plastic bottle? It has to look good, be cheap, hold water, and you have to be able to quickly mold inject it. Bottle design is surprisingly hard actually. There is a lot of thought and time goes into it. I
  4. jeff barr

    Stump the Engineer

    That's true. I didn't think about that. Most plastics don't get recycled and end up in a landfill anyway. Hence that would be a good characteristic for a bottle in a landfill to have.
  5. jeff barr

    Stump the Engineer

    It is surprisingly hard to recycle plastic. You can't mix different grades of plastic, as it is very difficult (expensive) to separate different types of plastic. Not to mention, there is almost an infinite number of types of plastics. Even specific recycling garage cans I doubt get a very high return on recyclable goods. People throw whatever they want in those things. Using less plastic just means it will cost the company less to produce the bottle. It also means that less "stuff" will require being thrown away.
  6. jeff barr

    Stump the Engineer

    You are correct, I guess it just bothers me that a company tries to build additional revenue off a standard industry revenue practice. It seems kind of like double dipping to me. Any company, that manufactures bottles of any kind, tries to reduce the volume of substance required to make the product, simply because it will save the company literally millions. Does that mean any of those companies give a damn about the Environment? While bottle companies probably do in some way care about the environment, I doubt saving the environment is their first corporate priority. It will take a bit more t
  7. When I was younger, I always liked building things. Like every young engineer, I played with Legos and K'nex. Even before I graduated high school, I had graduated into building tougher things, including steel fabrication and stick built nitro airplanes amongst other things. Despite what I thought I knew about the world at that time, I don't think I entirely understood what an engineer did. I always thought, "engineers build stuff". After going to school, I have learned that is not entirely true. Engineers design stuff. While there are many different types of engineers that perform many diffe
  8. Wow, what a bummer. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Btw, I lol'd so hard at your comment about your sig. As a person who is proctoring rehabilitation experimental research, I'd recommend to him to see if he can get in on any experimental research. There are sometimes big risks involved with experimental research, but judging by the sounds of the severity, it would be worthwhile to consider. From my experiences, Chemo is hardly effective especially with highly malignant cancer. This is easier to say in my shoes then his, but experimental research is for the greater good of socie
  9. I personally dont believe any alliance should disband. When you think about RL, you have small business owners and large business owners. Each do their own thing, many offer the same products and services, but is one really better then the other? Maybe you have a friend that works at one, and you just always like visiting there. His business may not have everything that you need like the local walmart or w/e, but it does have something to offer which brings you in. If the business doesnt have enough resources to sustain, then it folds up just like it does in CN. Who are you to say that another
  10. Hell yes Sparta! Growing like a boss
  11. Oh sparta continues to grow like a boss.
  12. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' date='13 July 2010 - 08:01 PM' timestamp='1279047660' post='2369475'] [color="#0000FF"]Pardon me? When has the NSO ever been allied to the Legion or TOOL? We may have been on the same side of a war, but that does not make us allies.[/color] [/quote] Burn more bridges, it's good for your health.
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