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  1. [quote name='kevin32891' timestamp='1304831222' post='2708385'] Its all down hill from here. Conrgats [/quote] Oh, its been downhill for a wile now. I blame Allied_Threat
  2. Horray! These points of data make a beautiful line! I give you the CSN government timeline: [img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/timeline/67eb51a5b8754b4c82d762e575209fcd.png[/img] This is indeed the end of an era, it was a great 2 years, Goose.
  3. This treaty is terrible! How could anyone allow this to happen? [IMG]http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l133/Fronz_2006/Smilies/palp.gif[/IMG]
  4. [quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1299198883' post='2651698'] You had an advantage. Please do yourselves a favor and shoot your milcom guy(s). [/quote] Funny story, we didn't have one (or really any military staff at all) until the last two weeks of the war, I was appointed to Director of Finance about 3 days after we declared on LoSS, and we didn't really have much internal organization until 3 or 4 days after DT attacked I think the only place we really had an advantage was the upper tier, and the only way we were able to exploit it was because of the incredibly poor coordination b
  5. [quote name='Liz Girard' timestamp='1298955068' post='2647556'] Goose is quite turrible. [/quote] I say we coop him! /me goes to get a wire cage
  6. Hurray, Peace. It was an enjoyable and interesting war I must say.
  7. [quote name='mmansfield68' timestamp='1298246106' post='2639902'] We did not try to leave LoSS, and we NEVER insulted them. That's a cute lie you guys are spreading over there. Pathetic. [/quote] 6 days after war your government meets with ours, one of the first things said in this meeting is this: [17:28] <@TiTaN[DT]> We, at DT, feel like this war has gone on for too long. While we at DT are coordinated, LoSS has 0 coordination. We are looking to get peace That is a pretty clear cut example of your alliance trying to get out of war, even though LoSS was still at war. It's als
  8. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1298242167' post='2639849'] [color="#0000FF"]The motivation DT had for hitting Legacy was to help out LoSS, who were having trouble with Legacy. Legacy being a decent alliance when it comes to fighting and all, whereas CSN, not so much. But enough about that. [/quote] What happened to their motivation 6 days after the war, did it evaporate? They pretty much said they wanted out and didn't care what happened to LoSS.
  9. [quote name='Kilkenny' timestamp='1298241216' post='2639837'] Thought that DT attacked Legacy and YOU attacked DT?? [/quote] /me pulls out his e-lawyer badge. We sometimes like to refer to ourselves and Legacy as "us" in this war. as our treaty says: [quote][u][b]Law of Legend III: Allied Threat[/b][/u] An attack against CSN is an attack against Legacy and vise versa. As such if and when one signatory is attacked, the other signatory shall let the light guide them into battle against the infidel.[/quote] crisis averted
  10. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    When they demand reparations, and we decide to accept them?...I was unaware the process of reparations negotiations would magically change for CSN. I would also consider the probability of that situation occurring in this war to be very, very unlikely.
  11. [quote name='Bob Janova' timestamp='1298240169' post='2639821'] Ah I see you're giving up on the 'huge reps for declaring on an optional clause' story, I guess because you realised how hypocritical that one was, and now you're going with 'huge reps for attempting to negotiate peace'. Wait, that makes absolutely no sense either. [/quote] Nope, nothing has changed, maybe my analysis of the situation is different, and for that I am truly sorry we do not all think in exactly the same mannor. We are demanding reps because they entered on an optional cause and tried to weasel out of the war wit
  12. [quote name='Jocabia' timestamp='1298238896' post='2639794'] We can only hope. [/quote] Yea, everyone thought Allied Threat would surly bring about the destruction of CSN. He has since been sacked.
  13. [quote name='chefjoe' timestamp='1298229929' post='2639645'] Instead of pointless debate here, maybe try doing your new job and put your FA in order by getting your knuckle dragging leader to see reality and give some reasonable terms for peace???? Instead he threw a tantrum in the blog section and took his toys and went home to cry......really conducive to things eh? Now THAT would be a change in CSN FA policy I could get behind..... [/quote] I don't think you understand, really anything about this situation, and what lead us to a general agreement that DT should pay reps in this war.
  14. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    Sorry, I left out that Goose added some more security features, and upgraded the forum software so the hackers could no longer use whatever exploit they were using. The shifting of the member opinion is completely irrelevant. Honestly I know how much you guys dislike us, but this pin the tail on the hacker game is ridiculous.
  15. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    The moment they came to us and said they wanted us to grant them peace after 6 days of war, and they didn't really care what would happen to LoSS, how they were uncoordinated or whether they got peace, we realized they only attacked Legacy because they deemed them as an easy, isolated target that they could get in on the war with, and then slip away with white peace. I'm sure they didn't even expect us to defend Legacy because they thought our deceleration lead to the treaty being non-chaining. They may say their intentions were otherwise, but their action and words really make pretty clear c
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