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  1. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    When they demand reparations, and we decide to accept them?...I was unaware the process of reparations negotiations would magically change for CSN. I would also consider the probability of that situation occurring in this war to be very, very unlikely.
  2. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    Sorry, I left out that Goose added some more security features, and upgraded the forum software so the hackers could no longer use whatever exploit they were using. The shifting of the member opinion is completely irrelevant. Honestly I know how much you guys dislike us, but this pin the tail on the hacker game is ridiculous.
  3. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    The moment they came to us and said they wanted us to grant them peace after 6 days of war, and they didn't really care what would happen to LoSS, how they were uncoordinated or whether they got peace, we realized they only attacked Legacy because they deemed them as an easy, isolated target that they could get in on the war with, and then slip away with white peace. I'm sure they didn't even expect us to defend Legacy because they thought our deceleration lead to the treaty being non-chaining. They may say their intentions were otherwise, but their action and words really make pretty clear c
  4. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    We have pretty definite proof it was hacking, based on forum logs. Funny that the hacks stopped when the membership opinion shifted completely to supporting reps. Accepting white peace after demanding terms, and sticking to them may make, as you suggest, us "Look Good" and "save us face" on the outside to those who have lost whatever little respect they used to have for our alliance, but internally it would be much more damaging, and that offer will never be accepted in its current form. As a government member I thought you would have realize this dilemma we would be faced with, or perhaps yo
  5. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    Not a chance, If you think our membership is in revolt now, I can't imagine what they would do to us if we told them, "Hey guys we accepted terms from DT, LOL." At least there would be a riot, and I have a feeling some of our members would go rogue on you and refuse to end the war. On the other hand it seems your alliance must convince its deserters to come back and offer aid rewards you guys are so desperate, or perhaps your members are just using our surrender offer as an easy way to peace out of their current wars to re-declare new ones?
  6. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    Confidence juice (the reasoning has been posted many times, and I'd rather not get into that), my point was, we saw your deceleration on legacy as an activation of the mutual defense portion of our pact, as the treaty says "An attack against CSN is an attack against Legacy and vise versa."
  7. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    What other treaty did they declare off?
  8. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    You declared war on Legacy, we have a Mutual Defense and Optional Attack Pact with Legacy, what part of our counter deceleration on the Dark Templar is optional?
  9. Fronz

    Dark Templar Reparations

    Simple and to the point.
  10. It no longer fits on my screen also I echo Lord Brendan's last comment, that being, CSN is still at war with NSO
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