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  1. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1312044142' post='2767688'] -This game isn't dying. People have been crying that it's the end times since forever. People will be crying it 5 years from now. -Do something about it. I rarely post in these because I'm usually busy doing something about it. I've brought a ton of fresh meat into this game over my course here, and I'm going to keep doing that. Maybe if some of you recruited from the outside, instead of coming here to !@#$%* about decline every other week, we wouldn't have this decline in the first place! Bring in friends and family! Show this game to people you know! Start a club at school! Whatever! It's up to you to make a change, stop whining that others need to do it because you're too lazy to do it yourself! [/quote] I genuinely don't understand how some people get so goddamn offended and DETERMINED to be angry and negative in these threads. I never said I haven't done anything, and I never asked you to do anything. I have brought people into the game, I have talked with people I knew about it, and I have been recruiting offsite. Way to completely misinterpret my statement and assume you knew EXACTLY what I had done though. That takes some gumption. I can see why you don't post in these more though. They really seem to upset you.
  2. [quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1311871860' post='2766240'] Interesting note...web site activity for CN as measured by Alexa bottomed out in January and is now trending upward. "Not so fast" on the "dying talk" people. [/quote] Reviewing this topic, I found an interesting correlation: After falling for about a month at the rate of 20-30 nations or so a day, the number of nations has actually been holding fairly steady at about 17400. Interesting, I haven't seen it do this before.
  3. [quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1311871860' post='2766240'] Interesting note...web site activity for CN as measured by Alexa bottomed out in January and is now trending upward. "Not so fast" on the "dying talk" people. [/quote] Reviewing this topic, I found an interesting correlation: After falling for about a month at the rate of 20-30 nations or so a day, the number of nations has actually been holding fairly steady at about 17400. Interesting, I haven't seen it do this before.
  4. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1311823390' post='2765869'] Actually, it did. We get these stupid threads at least once a month nowadays, and it all turns into everyone blaming everyone else. Almost always, the mods end up locking it because it's not helping the situation to sit around and whine while accomplishing nothing. The biggest problem in CyberNations is the lazy, entitled player-base who refuse to lift a finger to do anything short of damning Admin or the Mods or micro alliances and blaming everyone for their problems but themselves. Oh, and how could I forget about blaming moralists?! All anyone wants to do is sit around and talk about how the ~end is coming~ and I'm sick of hearing about it. Meanwhile, in the Water Cooler, [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=103624]I tried to contribute something to help bring in members to the community.[/url] Check out how it was received by this group of whining children, who have absolutely no ideas that require themselves to do any work. What a funny coincidence. That simple enough for you, bro? [/quote] Hereno, I deliberately tried to structure this thing so we could debate and think about ways to solve the problem INSTEAD of having everyone blame everyone else. Blame solves nothing here. I am not interested in blaming the admin, the mods, the micros, the moralists, or anyone, because that ISN'T PRODUCTIVE. I'm sorry your plan fell through (and looking at it, it looked like a good one), but I had nothing to do with it, and honestly, this is making you look less like you have an actual point and more like you're just bitter. Also, way to insult your fellow players there, you just leveled more blame than anyone has yet in this whole thread. I'm sorry this thread evidently struck such a sensitive nerve for you, but please, either contribute something or just leave. ANYWAY [quote name='Tidy Bowl Man' timestamp='1311824518' post='2765893'] I suspect that at some point there will be a happy medium found for the game and the nation count will level off and stay there. There are like 17,000 nations for Pete's sakes. This is not a small number. [/quote] True, it isn't a small number, and the game still functions the same basic way it has been. I hope we do find a happy medium, but the number just keeps falling. Are you anticipating that the medium will be above or below current numbers though?
  5. OP, your hatred is literally delicious to me. It has been too, too long since I've seen a good hate thread. I don't know whether that hate stems from the fact that you are just jealous of us, or whether you seriously feel that you were wronged, or whatever. But I love how you honestly think that going into peace mode and raising a "mercenary force" (note: THAT HAS NEVER EVER WORKED)to destroy us will accomplish what years of war still haven't. Please, post more.
  6. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1311799026' post='2765520'] Oh look, this thread again. [/quote] Yeah, thanks for that. That really made a point. Either contribute something actually worthwhile, report this to the mods so they can shut this whole thread down for repeat content, or simply don't post at all. Simple enough for you?
  7. The point of this thread isn't to be my little area to sit and sulk. You may have noticed how I didn't come out and say "large alliances are killing CN" or "too many micros are killing CN". I'm not trying to blame anyone or anything. This is a place to discuss ideas and ways to fix the problem. This is not a thread so I can blame people. This is not a thread so that I can sit and whine how people don't play the game the way I want them to. If you're getting that vibe from what I've posted, than I've already failed. I don't blame you for thinking that was my point however, as I've noticed a bunch of the other threads that were posted here on the subject were for the purpose of leveling blame. And also Vladisvok, what I've also noticed is that generally, if people involve themselves in CN to the point where they join an alliance (especially one as application-intensive as the NPO) we generally don't have to worry about them staying. The problem seems to be before they even get to that point.
  8. [quote name='Vladisvok Destino' timestamp='1311766586' post='2765109'] There ends the thread. If you think CN is boring/dying/in need of revitalisation/whatever else. Then stop making topics about "we must do something about it" and actually [i]do something about it.[/i] [/quote] I'd like to think it's better than the endless tides of anniversary threads that seem to be the main focus of this forum. And if you think one person can do something major like what is required with no support and by themselves in CN, never lose your naivete. It makes me smile. [quote]if the actual creator/coder doesn't care about the success of his own game, why should anyone else?[/quote] I'd also like to think it's because the community here, the overall atmosphere, and even the game itself, is worth preserving and continuing on with. Is CN inherently broken? Do people still play it and the giant game of interalliance politics that goes with it for fun? If no to the former and yes to the latter, than I believe CN is worth keeping around. [quote] If I had to choose one change to make, it would be to make war far less damaging. I'd advocate reducing damage by 75%. With the tech bonus, WRCs, and unrestricted nuclear warfare, an alliance at war can lose 50% of its strength in a week. That makes war a huge risk. If it were far less damaging--[b]as it was in the days before the tech bonus[/b]--we'd see many more brush wars and far less hesitance to commit without massive support. In today's wars, there's a clear winner and a clear loser, and that demotivates people from fighting. If war were far less damaging, an alliance could lose a war but not be reduced to rubble. That would make taking risks easier, and it'd also reduce stagnation by not removing defeated parties from political significance for long periods of time.[/quote] When exactly was the tech bonus put in place? Wickistan - maybe we should go back to trawling \b\ for people Good ideas though.
  9. And with more people COMES that drama! It is a vicious circle, I'll admit. (Also, you Olympus guys are good people when it comes to tech deals. Good working with you!)
  10. (Just a note: I've never really posted on the OWF before, so I suppose introductions are in order: I'm Tigerking, loyal member of the NPO, longtime forum lurker, and player of CN since 2007 and the First Unjust War. It's good to finally meet all of you... ) By now, I trust we've all notice the gradual decline of CN membership, which I believe has continued since mid-2009 until now. I also trust we all want more people to join CN, and have the community be more active, like back when we had 30000-40000 nations in the game. So then, this is a thread for people to speculate, theorize, and debate how best to revive CN and get more nations created, so we can all enjoy the spectacle of 1000+ member alliances, and a more active community. Of course, I wouldn't start a thread like this without proposing one of my own ideas to get the ball rolling. I always liked the idea of having a giant, multialliance offsite recruiting contest, where alliances could compete to recruit people both to CN and to their own alliance. It creates an incentive for the alliances to participate, I would think. Take it away!
  11. Now we also need rubber and lumber.
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