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  1. Sounds familiar to me also exactly the amount of GA’s you’ve won against me haha
  2. I thought prepubescent child was a fair assessment, the rest does fit quite well in the cesspit I agree I think your cipher proves the childish point fairly well
  3. Now your putting words in my mouth, that’s just not cricket now is it LJ The community is in the state it’s in because of the ridiculous treaty web of the past, those that used it to their advantage done so very well. But it led us here. Your just a a bundle of joy to converse with, at least your keeping the tradition of the OWF being a cesspit alive till the lights go out
  4. I hope you washed your mouth out with soap after that
  5. Nope asking is definitely easier, I’m fairly sure the fact Steeldor and his pals are kicking around guarantees no one else turns up, so called raids during a war would have been torn to pieces by this community not so long ago, but times have changed and the place is full of pixel hugging pussies willing to sit and watch a few nations do as they please. Wapayabass
  6. Seems like a lot of effort to me, shouldve just asked 😉
  7. Think you may be the only person to have visited the forum in years but you are absolutely correct MRr FF. im amazed it’s still there
  8. A level playing field, why on earth would they do such a thing. They would actually have to fight their own battles
  9. It’s CN, WAPA learned long ago how this game works, it’s a place where the weak can gang up together to feel strong. Wapayabass
  10. We are bored, the war cry of the prepubescent child before they go and draw on the wall ..... wapayabass Tosh
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