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  1. Everybody needs a hobby. It's a small front. A frontlet, if you will. But the guys printing the stationary for me charged by the letter, so here we are.
  2. Two months in... I haven't scurried off to CLAWS yet, and NoR has finally called in allies. Having a bit of a hard time with the one-man death cult then?
  3. To be fair, I'm awesome, and everything I do is fabulously important. Or if you don't buy that one, you're welcome to join up and start chucking nukes as well. It'd be twice as irrelevant then. I thought I had it out of my system in '08 as well...unfortunately they came back. But I'm perfectly happy to do a bit of public service around here and see how many nukes it takes to get to the center of a Nordreich. I have very little attachment to my pixels, and enough money to keep nuking Nordreich for a good while. But feel free to quote this back at me with all due mocking if I run off to CLAWS.
  4. GOD is dead, but there's still good works to be done... and The Iron Front is here to do 'em. We're gonna be doing one thang and one thang only … killing Nordreich. Now, I don't know about y'all, but I sure as **** didn't come down from the god**** Smoky Mountains, cross five thousand miles of water, fight my way through half of Sicily and jump out of a ****in' aeroplane to teach Nordreich lessons in humanity. Nordreich ain't got no humanity. That's why any and every sum***** we find flyin' a Nordreich flag... they're gonna die. Anyone is welcome to join. But once you do, I want some Nordreich scalps, y'all...
  5. Hey NoR, mind sending somebody else to hit me? There's already a TLR guy in one of my slots, and at this point I'd hate to waste my limited nukes on somebody who isn't NoR. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=228566
  6. Send her over; I've prepared a red wine jus in her honour.
  7. Might want to have it drop by NoR on the way; I'm having great fun hitting people in DEFCON 5 with no military buildup. Apparently blitzkrieg tactics don't necessarily come with the territory...
  8. You have your priorities, I have mine.
  9. You may have forgotten your history, but not all of us have. Anyone who fights under the Odal rune - or in lockstep with those who do - will always be my enemy.
  10. You mean that time we DoW'd a RoK ally against a prior agreement, then posted the DOW with a message taunting RoK about their inability to defend allies? Oh, wait... You missed the point and picked up only the ad homium there, numbnuts. Try to read through the insults and learn something for once in your sordid existance. See this line? Ignore it. It's for my benefit. And the practice in ignoring irrelevant bits will probably be good for your reading comprehension. Certainly can't hurt it. The point: The personal attack: See the substance in the first quote? The acknowledgement that sometimes we have to fight coalitions containing friendly alliances? Followed closely by the actual reason that I might be annoyed? Yeah, try addressing that. The insults are purely for my entertainment.
  11. Speaking entirely for myself and not for alliance leadership: I am aware of what a coalition is and does. I am aware that the treaty web is such that all our friends are rarely - if ever - on the same side of a coalition war. That is an unpleasant fact of war here, and one which has to be accepted when entering with a coalition. I do not expect my 'partners' in a coalition to deliberately target my allies when it is not necessary. If targeting an ally of mine is necessary - and it sometimes is - I do not expect my coalition partners to call my alliance out by name to taunt a friendly alliance. GOONS left us in a place where we could either 1) do nothing, prove their taunt right, and damage a longstanding alliance tie with people we actually like, or 2) stand by a longtime friend when their attackers called out our absense. To my view, we did not fire the first shot in this. GOONS made a deliberate statement which - if we stayed with the coalition - was designed to damage GOD's diplomatic ties and future standing with R&R - an alliance we value. We have responded in the only manner available to us. In short, if you are a &$%* to your coalition partners, don't be surprised when they call you on it and join the opposition. If you'd like to drop by our forums I can spell that out for you far more colourfully, but I think that covers the basics well enough.
  12. Well, if it turns out GOONS doesn't have the 7-2 off they seem to be showing so far, then we'll take those 2s and give 'em a papercutting like they've never seen before. Pretty sure that analogy has another post or two in it before it gets completely run into the ground...
  13. I am looking for a long-term arrangement to buy tech at $6m/195 tech. This maintains a closer approximation of the old $3m/100 tech deals in terms of cost/benefit for both parties, but is significantly quicker. This would be $6mil initial aid, followed by 3 rounds of 65 tech. I get slightly less tech than 2 rounds of $3m/100, buyer cost is slightly higher, but the process is 20 days quicker. I am looking for 1 reliable, long-term seller. Message in game http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=228566
  14. [quote name='Velocity111' timestamp='1323716978' post='2875399'] I, for one, welcome the removal of these individual surrender terms and support the continual rolling of GOD [/quote] Works for me. [quote name='bandnerd' timestamp='1323713277' post='2875350'] why yes, we ARE cute cuddly bunnies. provided you can ignore the switchblade. [/quote] Why on earth would I ignore the switchblade? That's great; a rabbit that comes with its own peeler... stew anyone?
  15. [quote name='Striderwanabe' timestamp='1323671164' post='2874941'] As GOD has always been an irrefutable defender of all that is decent and moral in the Cyberverse, I'm sure that BN, NEAT and SC have been shamed into reconsidering their terms. Not really. Keep up the good fight you guys. [/quote] Because Nordreich is a bastion of moral decency...
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