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    In a not so complicated world! I call it Friends>Infra. Beside, Gre is also vastly overrated, simple cuz of the lack of numbers they had and stil has. More then one event took place the first waves of Karma. A stupid move by IRON him self in the first wave made sure the total damage they took in the first 2 waves ending up and cost em alot for the rest of the Karma war. Something you can see the effects of in C&G war, where most of the core have learn from the mistake they made and dich out more damage to pretty much the same AA´s setup. The larger difference here is, In the C&G war, We all know its gone be a loooong war that will cost both the winner and the losers alot in the end. 2:nd Who will win or lose, Was not set in stone. More events took place even in the C&G war.
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