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  1. Dinux

    A Farewell to Arms

    iRon always deserve to be rollde GG and tke care NG
  2. Dinux

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    The world would be a lot better if more only said Good luck to ISX in the future. Stop feed the animal from now on, plz
  3. I must admit that I smiled a little
  4. AtlasXero, my best advice is. .. Join IRON, you already have contact with them, even if it is as you say, you two started off on the wrong foot here . From this position, you can only go upwards and forward from here. I have my roots in iRON, I know the camaraderie that exists within the family .
  5. Dinux

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Thank you for a short and informative post, Bernkastel. I wish more people would follow your exemplary example how one can express oneself objectively.
  6. Dinux

    Special Prosecution

    To his defense, it was a while since I read some "wall of text". I like the "new" Mr. Junk, much better than the "older" version. - Trash, I'm not impressed by your looks, money, social status, or job title. I'm impressed by the way you treat other human beings. A very talented person once said some wise words . "The way people treat you is a statment of who they are as a human being. It's a statment of their karma, it's not a statment about him and If you don't like him, ignore him."
  7. Dinux

    Special Prosecution

    Neither side is so stupid that they don't make out the meaning of the agreement from August 25, 2016. From screenshoots you can read out that it also includes some of NADC. I let Caladin have his own opinion without calling him names. Actually, I can see the text from his eyes, however, I do not interpret the text so liberally in the question of free choice of color here. It has surely happened that I myself have become tired of the AlmightyGrub, I've certainly thought about asking he keep stfu a number of times. In fact, I like his way of expressing him selves in writing. Sometimes you agree to disagree, like I do sometimes. But here I am in disagreement with the few who believe that CB is not valid. Vote for Grub- Violence is the solution.
  8. Dinux

    Treaty Cancellation

    It's pretty simple. I wish them well after they made an important decision :popcorn:.
  9. Dinux

    Treaty Cancellation

    God call Vallhalla.
  10. Dinux

    7 Years of Umbrella

    Congrats on 7 years :smug:
  11. Dinux


    Awesome flag Franz
  12. To all my freinds on both sides, best of luck to Pacifica. You all are in the right on this one.
  13. Dinux


    You'll be back.