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  1. Yea last time anyone from NPO posted in our embassy was 19 months ago.
  2. Yep we made a mistake, and NPO was able to capitalize from it. Good for you guys. To answer your question directly, it wasn't something we were concerned about, jbone has been around for ages. I get on here daily for the most part, I figured if anything happend I could just recreate the AA. Actually the day we lost the AA I saw someone mention it on our forums so I got on CN and tried to recreate the alliance but received an error message. Also what's the deal with me being banned from your forums? I think I've been reasonably nice with you guys, just look at the last post I made...
  3. Someone thinks highly of themselves.... This isn't all about you. I was just offering a simple explanation, that really isn't needed because anyone can figure this out for themselves.
  4. Yea our assigned alliance leader went inactive and had no heir so the alliance went poof. We're looking into if god can help us out (prayers, sacrifices, incantations, etc). For now we're just collecting everyone back into this new AA.
  5. Eh we've already had a discussion about our leaders activeness, you're aware of our opinion on that. Militarily I'm happy with our performance in most wars. It's obvious to everyone we've never had much of an upper tier due to all the wars we've been involved in. It's an extremely rare occurrence for us to sit out wars unlike most other alliances, so we were never really able to build the upper tiers. To compensate for that we made it a goal to get 1:1 infra tech ratios and if you had 4 or 5k infra $1 billion dollar plus warchests, so that we could absolutely dominate in the mid range, and we did. I understand the argument that wars are won by the upper tiers, but in order to accomplish that we would have had to sit out a war which is reeeeally boring.
  6. I reached out to multiple alliances to build relationships and possible treaty. I was only success full with MI6. NPO saw this, decided they were bored and rolled us. Why should I put anymore effort into this game when NPO can just say "no you're not going to do that" whenever they want?
  7. Eh I tried to stretch out diplomatically. I was mostly met with inactivity or disinterest. It was only MI6 that was regularly active, and it was refreshing. But what you're talking about Red is no longer possible. All alliances are interconnected in some way. And it would probably take years (due to inactivity) to get all the alliances needed together to topple oculus. I'm not willing to put that time in.
  8. White sphere seems to be on a downward spiral. Enjoy yourselves NSO.
  9. Who are these rogues, ya'll are referring to?
  10. The difference is that if the roles were reversed we never would have done what NPO did.
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