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  1. Good for you? It's a bit nonsensical to state, in response to my post about Terry Howard (that neither followed your drivel nor was in response to it), that this isn't about Terry Howard... in a thread created by Terry Howard for Terry Howard. Boy, get out.
  2. No, boy, this thread most certainly is.
  3. Real life has had me by the balls but now I get to pay it forward to some hapless Rollers. (@Kapleo, it's SirWilliam not Sir William goddamnit.)
  4. Oh nooo, not Terry Howard! *overly sarcastic gasp* 😉
  5. Pardon my intrusion but is DBDC of all people really questioning any CB? Have you not, after all, declared war on nations from half the game's alliances (and declared open season on the other half) quite literally just because? (Slight exaggeration and slight ad hominem, sure. But c'mon, of all the people to feign indignation...)
  6. Apparently brainless apes are captaining the turd-ship that is KoRT. And today that turd-ship sinks. GOODBYE.
  7. Not my intent to deter you but it was chaotic. Things have been much calmer since Methrage was put down once and for all.
  8. I would've waited a bit longer until the 7 year anniversary of the thread to ask, personally, but to each his own I suppose.
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