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  1. Now don't go getting any ideas here. 😆
  2. While you're not wrong, friend, I believe Sauron was simply referring to the Wayward Sons' About section motto. Will echo, by the way, that it's always nice to see alliances pop up, particularly ones that appear to have an idea of what they're doing. Best of luck, WS.
  3. It's not a link to FTW's alliance page, per se, it's a link to the alliance page of whoever is opening it. @Wolfenstein Von Eizn Use this link: https://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=16347
  4. I only kid, mate. 😉
  5. More like rude boy. kingzog =
  7. So I was sitting watching a show on TV trying to figure out how to word a proposal I am writing. The show was one my sister raved about, but I was less enthusiastic about. Suddenly I heard a song and my head whipped around toward the television. The Kinks... Last of the Steam-Powered Trains.Suddenly I was up, running to the bedroom door to shut Stevie Wonder into a cocoon of silence and skidding back into the living room to shout at Google Mini to “PLAY LAST OF THE STEAM POWERED TRAINS BY THE KINKS”. As the music wound it’s magic in my ears and around my body, I started dancing. Even though I am now 35 (!), I can still sling myself around. I stomped, twisted, lunged and did some weird foot work all over the room.As I was dancing, wrapped up in Kinks vibrations, I glanced down. My eyes bulged as I came to a grinding, shuddering halt... toe to nose with... a slug... I thought it was a twig or something the cats had dragged in from another room, until I looked closer. It was moving... slowly... but moving. It was a slug.Nothing kills a dancing mood faster than bumping into and almost squashing a slimy slug underfoot. The magic was over.
  8. Kashmir hereby activates its MUTUAL AVOIDANCE DEFENCE PACT with the NpO. We doth hereby take our place with the peanut gallery as we cheer you on from the sidelines (read: our couches, duh).
  9. It's like comparing sh*t to a sh*t sandwich so maybe you have a point... 🤔
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