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  1. Losing an ally is always a touchy situation. It's never welcomed or seen as a victory by anyone because it represents failure. Zoom in close enough and you can always find fault in each part. Several things have changed and these two great alliances have found their once happy relationship soured. Unfortunately, this happened and each side must let things go. Credit must be given to GO and CSN for the lack of drama in this thread. Keeping things friendly should be a priority as they share so many allies and friends. Should either party need help in the future, I'm sure it would be pr
  2. [quote name='Tick1' timestamp='1340191541' post='2989932'] Technically it's our ankles, but anyhow [/quote] Technically you don't have ankles, but anyhoo
  3. [quote name='Epiphanus' timestamp='1286768408' post='2481089'] While this doesn't change the stagnation, I look forward to seeing whoever wins. [/quote] If this goes well, expect more of these. Bigger, better, and more pointless.
  4. Good evening, We, the 10 alliances of 10.10.10, have gathered together to fight the single greatest threat to Bob. This growing menace, created by the tangled web, controlled by the treaty, and masters of us all must be destroyed. Yes, this danger grows daily as more and more are forced to decide between something good and something awful. Unable to sit by any longer, the members of Athens, NpO, UPN, GATO, FAN, RnR, Fark, Sparta, WTF and FoK have banded together to destroy it. You may have already heard of such plans. Nothing is secret any more in a world controlled by our enemy. Ye
  5. [quote name='Krack' timestamp='1286334099' post='2476782'] I don't think he's very concerned; everyone knows Aloha is MK's favorite. Hell, we're everybody's favorite. We're Legion's favorite and we wouldn't even consider signing a treaty with you. [/quote] You're not our favorite.
  6. [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1286134647' post='2473324'] i again ask how does this shake things up? they signed MDoaP's with each SF alliance By the by, shouldnt you be off betraying more friends by log dumping on them [/quote] [img]http://cache.kotaku.com/assets/resources/2006/11/give_me_a_spit_take_skit.jpg[/img] I kid.
  7. [quote name='streak324' date='16 July 2010 - 09:19 PM' timestamp='1279329576' post='2375296'] wow, no FARK members responded to the thread? [/quote] A travesty! Guru Order has long been one of Farkistan's closest alliances. We've shared a love for beer and all the joy it brings for longer than I can remember. Once a protectorate and then an ally, they are now considered a partner. Congratulation Guru on your own brand of beer. Send us over a case and we will return the favor.
  8. Could you kindly remove our flag from the OP? While I get the need to strut, feed the ego, and generally declare yourselves topdog, I'd personally prefer if you did it without implying that Fark condones this crap.
  9. [quote name='RavingMainyYak' date='06 June 2010 - 01:05 PM' timestamp='1275843908' post='2326423'] There's something familiar with this review.A nice selection of brews, but I have this sense of déjà vu. [/quote] A beer review so nice, they used it twice? http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=65212&st=0&p=1742357&hl=+carlsberg%20+elephant%20+beer&fromsearch=1&#entry1742357
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