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    All of which just makes them a bigger target.  Ultimately if you are receiving tech from them, you have to decide if it is worth diverting aid to them in order to ensure you'll continue to receive your tech.  Personally I'd aid them, and you appear to be doing so.  Nicely done.


    Just think it's the right thing to do considering they stuck their necks out for us


    Wiki says: The state of Hawai’i prevents the use of Hawaiian Pidgin in schools in hopes of eliminating the language.  This ban placed on Hawaiian Pidgin is traced all the way back to 1898.


    Which means if you had just stayed in school there would not be a language problem. ;)


    maybe he's just really old


    It's a play on an acronym. If you've seen me on IRC or on MI6's forums, my nick is D_T.


    Bad joke I guess.



    Hey, just letting you know that I saw your post and thought it was pretty clear, and liked it and assumed other people would immediately "get it" as well.  


    Also, feels weird after almost seven years on this planet to suddenly be considered part of some kind of scourge.  I don't feel scourgy.