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    Of fair play and respect

    [quote name='Leet Guy' timestamp='1329837794' post='2925126'] Huh? I tell Red Sox fans to $%&@ off regularly when I attend Yankee games and have never been in any sort of trouble for that. Just an example, but yeah, it's very rare that there are actual consequences for "harassment" outside of high school rule books. [/quote] It doesn't stop the fact that some of the things we see around here would probably get someone RL punched in the face. You sound pretty brave when you're in Yankee stadium, but I bet you wouldn't do that in Boston. I don't understand why more people can't play an ingame bad guy without all of the external trash. I don't know why it's so hard just to treat people as you would if you were face-to-face with them.
  2. sammykhalifa

    DoW Notification

    [quote name='Artigo' timestamp='1329508045' post='2922730'] I'd say it's only a war if you're trying to advance a political agenda. Since this is all about personal gain, war isn't really the right word. [/quote] Come on. You're moving your troops into another sovereign nation's borders in order to seize their property through deadly force. People can argue over whether that's "right" or "wrong" or whatever, but it's a war.
  3. sammykhalifa

    Sarmatian and Hardin sittin in a tree...

    Wow. Congratulations guys. Have fun. [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wC4vj16-MC4/Ts0eonJZp-I/AAAAAAAAJXk/QNXIUuaVM2U/s1600/1.jpg[/img]
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    Proof of Allegations

    [quote name='deth2munkies' timestamp='1329407209' post='2921780'] Pez: Roq knows what he's doing. Your memory of Karma might be faulty, because pretty much anyone ever involved in that coalition knows he had quite a lot to do with it. The only reason Archon and the others get all the attention is because they bring their oratory to the forums where Roq isn't as verbal or, let's face it, as eloquent as they are. Roq: You of all people should know that "People of the world, UNITE!" posts don't work...at all. They never have and never will. You've done enough without having to start publicly forming coalitions. That sort of thing happens organically over time, you can't force it. As I said before, I'm unconvinced it will happen for several reasons, but if it does it won't be because you coordinated it over this forum: it will be because people took what was said here and applied it to their own worldview. Those people will be the ones that change things, not you. [/quote] Yeah. Staying on a simple unclouded message ("Here's what's been going on") will probably be more productive in the long run if that's what someone's going for.
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    Proof of Allegations

    [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1329243274' post='2920436'] SMH, that goes both ways. People who throw elbows shouldn't be surprised, and shouldn't whine about having elbows thrown back at them. [/quote] Honestly the backlash to the accusations look a lot worse to an outside third party (or me, at least) than the original reported "crime." If people just let it go for a while instead of feeling the need to immediately go on the attack they'd seem much less guilty. Haha, that said . . . the drama's fun.
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    A NOIRâ„¢ Production

    [quote name='LordSlade' timestamp='1328888254' post='2917852'] It was always fun to see how the treaty was never used unless there was something to gain by having numbers or as stated above someone needed to reach someone through a "far off" connection, otherwise it was a dust collector. [/quote] Depends on what you mean. I know many people that got some good trade circles from it. Some of those trades stuck for several years.
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    A NOIRâ„¢ Production

    This makes me a little sad; as it takes me back to the early days of planning, debating, meeting new people, etc. Geez that was a long time ago.
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    Proposals for the Improvement of the CN Community

    The only way getting rid of peace mode makes any sense would be if the gameplay gave any chance at all to the underdogs. Especially coupled with limiting warchests: you'd only see more lopsided wars, even more dogpiles, and still fewer players.
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    "Elite" vs "Mass" alliances

    [quote name='Beefspari' timestamp='1328052963' post='2911897'] The only kind of alliance I don't care for is the useless micro. [img]http://meru.xfury.net/images/aeris/aerisdisL3.jpg[/img] [/quote] Frankly, I hate this (popular) sentiment. It is poisonous. People should feel all right playing the game however they see fit. Don't like micros? Don't join one. Don't like neutrals? Don't be in one. Obviously some people like those things, and we're better off having them here instead of playing farmville or something. If an alliance is entertaining people inside the alliance then it is a "good" alliance. Nobody is here for YOUR entertainment: they are here for their own. I bet the people in those alliances could really give a [darn] whether you think they are worthwhile or not.
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    Dark Templar Announcement

    o/ old skool black
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    Rate the War Ability

    [quote name='Captain Flinders' timestamp='1326894673' post='2902112'] Sure, and that makes your war ability null. Nations in WTF want to be neutral. They don't want to fight. Regardless of whether they may have stockpiles of tech or not, they are a member of WTF (or GPA or whatever) [/quote] or OBR two or three years ago?
  12. [quote name='Melancholy Culkin' timestamp='1326784058' post='2901394'] This would be better without legacy. [/quote] But let's be honest here, what wouldn't be better without them? They're terrible. They even get dumped on by people who are "NONPARTICIPANT IN CN POLITICS." Sagha, good luck with your new (old) pursuit. We'll miss you over here, but I'm glad to see that you're on to something close to your heart. Good luck--you know where to find me.
  13. sammykhalifa

    Rate the War Ability

    My daddy's RNG result could whip your daddy's RNG result with one hand tied behind its back!
  14. sammykhalifa

    War is Over

    I don't think you can send tech in increments of .12. This treaty is void.
  15. sammykhalifa

    Sandlot Declaration of War

    [quote name='Fort Pitt' timestamp='1323888442' post='2877914'] Sarm isn't irrational, he's more rational than most of the people in this world. [/quote] Whoa whoa whoa . . . let's not go overboard here, man. That dude is nuts. o/ NOIR. Pretty nifty flag they have there.
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    discussing TOLWYN is banned
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    Chasing Windmills and Shadows

    Enjoyable DoW post.
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    Sandlot Declaration of War

    [quote name='Clash' timestamp='1323695515' post='2875187'] Sammy, I'm saying that you needed a 3-1+ advantage for this war, even after an even bigger down-declare hit CSN first and did the easy work for you. That's pretty big, wouldn't you say? I sure do. [/quote] To be sure, nobody is very thrilled about the timing of all of the moving parts and events of what we're living right now. Everyone I've talked to wanted things to happen a different way. In much the same way as a war I remember from several months ago; where we were caught between wanting to stand by our allies to the end on one hand, with our desire to make peace with an opponent we had long settled our scores with on the other. Nobody liked being forced into that situation much either, but what are ya' going to do? Just move on, I guess (that and complain a lot). We actually ended up making the best of that lousy situation, and we grew a nice friendship from an old hostility. So not all is lost.
  19. sammykhalifa

    Sandlot Declaration of War

    So joining with alliances smaller than us means that we "ran to the biggest allies we could get." Gotcha.
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    Sandlot Declaration of War

    [quote name='Clash' timestamp='1323694017' post='2875172'] You ran for the biggest friends you could get, just like last war. [/quote] Now wait, so the Dark Templar are the biggest friends we could get? You can do better than this, I'm sure. Some pretty basic research shows that this isn't the case. But anyhow, I'm not one for this kind of back-and-forth trash talk anyway. You guys have fun here.
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    The Miday DoW

    Well I'm old and cranky, and at 1AM I'm either asleep or drunk; so if someone wants to blow me up in the middle of the night, I'd prefer they do it without bothering me.
  22. sammykhalifa

    An Imperial Decree

    What a sucky time to be losing the forums. :/
  23. sammykhalifa

    Why don't you go rogue?

    1. no real reason I can think of to ruin other peoples' fun (unless someone really ticks me off here some time) 2. after starting I'd feel "obligated" to keep it going for the months and months (years?) it'll take to deplete my WC 3. Sarm too small
  24. sammykhalifa

    What exactly is killing the game?

    [quote name='Charles Stuart' timestamp='1318211866' post='2821849'] More mergers and less protectorates. The complicated treaty web is killing the game through utter stagnation although the forces driving new players into creating new alliances as hinted at the OP is also a significant factor. [/quote] I think you're just projecting your personal taste onto the problem. There have ALWAYS been small alliances and protectorates. There has always been a complicated treaty web (which I actually think is MORE interesting, not less). They weren't killing the game in 2007 and they aren't now. I'm afraid it's probably more fundamental than that. The problem is that new people will be more likely to get into some facebook game or find something on their phones. Text based online games aren't exactly where it's at. There are more options for this sort of thing than there were back then. I'm afraid the world is just getting beyond it. The ZORK franchise is pretty much dead too.
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    Fight! We Fight!

    [quote name='Diabloz' timestamp='1320758871' post='2841603'] Ermm..can i just correct you there..we don't pretend to be the biggest toughest guy in planet bob. We are the biggest toughest guys in planet bob by we i mean NG You started on the wrong people my friend we will make sure you enjoy yourself so much that your banana won't erect again. [/quote] You really don't know who you're speaking to if you think these words will make him afraid.