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  1. sammykhalifa

    Damage Taken vs Damage Given

    Nice effort either way.  Thanks.
  2. sammykhalifa

    Damage Taken vs Damage Given

    Haven't most wars been deleted?
  3. sammykhalifa

    EQ warmap

    Interesting.    Just curious . . . why do some alliance have the stop-sign shape?
  4. sammykhalifa

    War Losses Charts

    Cutting through all the garbage propaganda and rah-rahing (which many people can't seem to let go of despite this supposedly being an OOC forum) and looking at how things are going, it seems to me that there will really be no clear-cut winner on a macro level. 
  5. sammykhalifa

    Graphing the War (Because numbers suck)

      Haha.   "Everyone's biased except for me!"
  6. sammykhalifa

    Quality vs. Quantity

        Come on, you're terrible.  Admit it.
  7. sammykhalifa

    Graphing the War (Because numbers suck)

        I never said that the NS model is that great, but that's what we have.  And looking at the NS model of losses and calling it even . . . well, it just isn't.  That's what people are doing here.
  8. sammykhalifa

    Graphing the War (Because numbers suck)

        I don't think NS is the best way to judge this, but looking at NS no it's not similar amount of damage.    If I have ten apples and someone takes one away, that really sucks.  But it doesn't suck nearly as much as if someone had three apples and someone took one away.  Now I think your side's doing much better than that (and your NS losses will slow as infra dries up); but in terms of what these charts are looking at, it is not.  It's not hard to figure out who would run out of apples first if things continued unchanged (they won't).
  9. sammykhalifa

    Graphing the War (Because numbers suck)

      But if the losses are near equal in raw numbers, that's a larger percentage DH's overall strength as they are the smaller side.  Of course, I'd also say that DH nations for the most part have a higher "floor" per tech numbers.    I don't know if total losses are very useful one way or the other, but it's interesting to look at.
  10. sammykhalifa

    Upper End of the War

      As an uninvolved outsider to the whole thing, I thought it was some vague MK reference, tbh.
  11. sammykhalifa

    A Little More Love!

    Best of luck after your rocky start, sir.
  12. sammykhalifa

    Upper End of the War

    Deletion sucks.  I don't know why anyone would use that for propaganda.
  13. sammykhalifa

    Cash bonfires

    I accidentally spied a guy's cruise missiles the other day.    The Commander-in-chief may or may not have been drinking at the time.  Officials will neither confirm nor deny that report.
  14. sammykhalifa

    Upper End of the War

    never mind.  that wasn't really fair.
  15. sammykhalifa

    Upper End of the War

      Somehow that seems unlikely to me.  I wish people could (just for this thread) stop all the macho chest-puffing to impartially discuss what's a pretty interesting war.
  16. sammykhalifa

    Letters from the front

    Everyone I have fought has been absolutely cool and fun.  It's been a nice change.
  17. sammykhalifa

    Upper End of the War

      Yeah, too bad only one side of this war has anyone with warchests and such, eh Yevgheni? 
  18. sammykhalifa

    End of war pool

    Yesterday.   Haha.  I really don't know.
  19. sammykhalifa

    where Non Grata nations have gone

      It has the same point as anything else.
  20. sammykhalifa

    Mushroom Kingdom Announcement

    While I hope this war mixes up the current power structure which I think can almost never be a bad thing, let's not paint pre-karma days as anything other than what they were. [In-game (not talking about all of this personal stuff)] there's not even a comparison between then and now.   Of course, many of the people responsible for that nonsense aren't even around any more. 
  21. sammykhalifa

    Mushroom Kingdom Announcement

      Oh, I hope so.
  22. sammykhalifa

    Apology from Non Grata

      Don't worry.  Everyone here's plenty annoying.  No need to make it a contest.  :)  
  23. sammykhalifa

    Name That War Thread

    Though I agree that Equilibrium is a pretty stupid name and not what I would have chosen, that's what we're going to remember it as. These other choices are all trying too hard (and equally stupid).
  24. sammykhalifa

    An Imperial Decree

    [quote name='Imperium of Cadia' timestamp='1357634092' post='3072769'] Idiocy seems to be strong in CN these days... [/quote] These days?