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    holy crap it's Schrodinger
  2. sammykhalifa

    House Baratheon's Declaration of War.

    The main thing I've gotten out of this is that someone is owed a cookie.  And that person isn't me.   And frankly, I think that sucks.
  3. sammykhalifa

    Umbrella Declaration of War

        Hey, a RuffRyders sighting!  Nice to see some of us still knocking around.  :)
  4. sammykhalifa

    ""How soft your fields so green"

    Now I'm only a popcorn eater with no dog in this fight, but that's just a hell of a DoW image right there
  5. sammykhalifa

    We're baa-aack!

    Hey, it's TKF.
  6. sammykhalifa

    Notice of Disbandment

    Aww, sorry to hear.  Have been "protecting" you all in two differnent alliances now . . .
  7. sammykhalifa

    Zulu Declaration of War.

        Don't get me wrong not much of this bothers me one way or the other.   Couldn't you just as easily say he's making fun of Victorian stereotypes?  I wonder.  It's an anachronism.  But I also wonder who has an issue with the whole "Mushqueda" thing.  Seems like if one is an abomination the other should be too.  This shouldn't be but it's almost like I can tell what alliance someone is or isn't in based solely where they fall concerning the outrage over all of this.
  8. sammykhalifa

    Heard any good rumors lately?

        Ha, says the guy with 6,270 posts . . .   I kid, I kid . . . everyone have fun with whatever you want to be doing here . . .   Also hi Yurrei . . . good luck n'at.  
  9. sammykhalifa

    Joint Announcement From DT and DRN

    Hey wait, this is about MY alliance.  Therefore it's awesome news.  Or something.       (Haha, actually really like the DRN guys I've dealt with--glad this happened.)
  10. sammykhalifa

    Tezcatlipoca smiles upon us

    How can we let such a thing happen?
  11. sammykhalifa

    Declaration of reExistence

    The planet without a Valhalla seem unnatural and un-right. 
  12.     Nah, not all of you man. 
  13. For all of the talk of working diplomacy and the interesting FA after the war, you'd think that people wouldn't be so fast to come in here and act like a bunch of condescending jerks so soon.  You're making it tough to be a nonpartisan fence-sitter.
  14.     The only thing missing was an eRuler.  Well good for them, I guess.    Anyhow . . .   Yeah, some of the greatest individual wars I've ever fought in this war.  And everyone on both sides (at least on my front) were able to keep it friendly and cool. 
  15. sammykhalifa

    Shout-Out Thread - Quality Opponents ITT

        Yeah, all of the the TOP-DT wars I've experienced/heard about so far have been pretty legendary.  And civil too, which is rather rare.
  16. sammykhalifa

    I have a question about EQ

    For some reason I don't think you're being sincere. 
  17. sammykhalifa

    Peace Announcement

        My mom thinks I'm a winner.  :(
  18. sammykhalifa

    Peace Announcement

        Eh, my ulterior motives are that many of my friends live in that alliance, no matter what side they fell on in this war.  They're good guys who did what needed to be done.  Hopefully for most, that lasts way beyond the fruits of some forum PR push--and well after the last blackened rifle has been set aside in this war. 
  19. sammykhalifa

    Peace Announcement

    UCoN, one of my favorite alliances.   Good luck old friends.
  20. sammykhalifa

    Quick Note from MK

        So they're rogues then?  :huh:
  21. sammykhalifa

    Midtier thread

        Definitely medium-rated.
  22. sammykhalifa

    Name that War

    The "Nobody Even Makes Good Propaganda These Days War."
  23. sammykhalifa

    Midtier thread

        It's not the best thread, but at the same time it isn't the worst thread either.  You gotta give it that.  The "B-" of the thread world.
  24. sammykhalifa

    Zulu alliance war announcement

    It's all relative.  You haven't read the other alliance announcements/arguments, have you?
  25. sammykhalifa

    Midtier thread

        Neither here nor there, really.  Kind of so-so.