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  1. sammykhalifa

    I think I messed up my moon map.

  2. sammykhalifa

    I think I messed up my moon map.

    The moon is gone! OO Well, the map is. I can see other peoples' maps but not mine. I think I might have made a typo in the location. Nation_ID=121315 Thanks.
  3. sammykhalifa

    I think I messed up my moon map.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  4. sammykhalifa

    You're Listening to: The Alex Jones Show

  5. sammykhalifa

    NEW DISCOVERY Planet Bob is an infinite flat plain

    what if all of us and the whole planet bob is just nothing but ones and zeroes man
  6. sammykhalifa

    why isnt 9mil/100 tech deal the standard

    People can sell for whatever they want to sell for.     But if you can't figure out a way to make money with 6/100 deals, you're doing something very, very, very wrong.  
  7. sammykhalifa

    The FARKLAND war

        Since when has this become a thread about MHA?   :awesome:
  8. sammykhalifa

    The FARKLAND war

      Just think it's the right thing to do considering they stuck their necks out for us
  9. sammykhalifa

    Notification of Dissolution

        Hey, one more word from you and we haul you off to the camps . . .   Err, I mean, the "facilities."  Yeah that's it.  
  10. sammykhalifa

    The Wartime Comics Thread

        Sure, you might PREFER to.  But would you rather downdeclare, or sit by your nukes polishing your rocket?  
  11. sammykhalifa

    Dark Templar DoW

      maybe he's just really old
  12. sammykhalifa

    Nordreich Declaration

    Aww. I really like you guys and thought you were beyond tired and silly peace mode arguments.
  13. sammykhalifa

    Dark Templar DoW

    Pah.  None of us have ever fought a "real" war.    At least that's what I've heard.  :huh:
  14. sammykhalifa

    Dark Templar DoW

    You monsters!
  15. sammykhalifa

    ASI Announcement

    D'oh, duplicate. Stupid cell phone.
  16. sammykhalifa

    ASI Announcement

    Hey keep having fun guys. Congrats
  17. sammykhalifa

    TSC front peace

    Shorter, more periodic wars would be better for the world as a whole, and I believe more fun. Congrats everyone!
  18. sammykhalifa

    A Dark Templar Announcement

    That cake looks disgusting.
  19. sammykhalifa

    After a thorough investigation...

    This is an outrage!
  20. sammykhalifa

    Dear Ndoogu

    oh dear lord
  21. sammykhalifa

    God-tier Myth

        Hey, just letting you know that I saw your post and thought it was pretty clear, and liked it and assumed other people would immediately "get it" as well.     Also, feels weird after almost seven years on this planet to suddenly be considered part of some kind of scourge.  I don't feel scourgy.  
  22. sammykhalifa

    The Amazing Sanction Race

      I want to have it for the sake of having it.  Wonder whoring, yes.  GIMMEGIMMEGIMME.
  23. sammykhalifa

    Dynamic Sig Stats

    Hey this is cool.       I certainly don't remember receiving 150 million dongs though, wonder where that came from . . .
  24. sammykhalifa

    Razzie Awards Vote 1. Alliances

        You can't hug your children with nuclear arms, Keshav.