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  1. I've done plenty of masterminding in my time thank you very much. It's just not worth doing with the current political climate.
  2. 1. Our nations we're bigger than yours? You're part of what is functionally a MDAP bloc with alliances like IRON and Umbrella. There was literally no way you could look at us and feel threatened. 2. Peaceful alliance? No one believes that for a second. 3. Of course we have allies in a channel, you roll our alliances every war anymore. It would be pretty stupid of us not to talk to each other. The idea that we were plotting and scheming and that ghos7 was somehow working for us is utter insanity though. Ah, there's the old Grub, jumping down into the mud to sling insults based in whatever delusion you've cooked up. I'm still waiting on evidence beyond the campaign screenshots that any back channel dealings happened. I've offered to own up to things we've actually done but I will continue to dispute your statements until you offer proof to back them up.
  3. There's no way you felt threatened even the slightest bit for your alliance (part of the largest bloc by percentage of global NS there has ever been) when an alliance half your size who's allies are all smaller than itself had someone campaign on an undefined plan to move to your color. It's so far from the realm of the believable that it's difficult to quantify. You're not a member, and thus cannot run for office (which you would know, if you actually read our Charter).
  4. Infrastructure is the chains that bind pixel huggers.
  5. Thank you for rooting out our disloyal members. It's good to shed the dead weight.
  6. Incorrect. In fact, less than 30% of the content in the campaign thread was related to moving to blue. To characterize the entire platform was based on that shows that not only have you not read the things you do have access to, but you choose to ignore the idea that there is more content that you don't know about. Also, the statement that we planned to "[get] even with Polar" is nonsense. Nowhere was it stated that the plan was to get even. I would be hard pressed to state that we do not have bad feeling towards Polar considering our history, but even without Oculus' backing (which they did not directly have 2 months ago when this campaign occurred), it would be a fool's errand to attempt an aggressive action against them.
  7. Also, as it related to those who were banned. You were banned for being trolls. We don't ban people simply because they are our enemies. There are several Polar members who were very friendly and still remain, one of whom is even Polar gov. We welcome all who are willing and able to have civil discourse.
  8. You clearly have no idea how democracy works. Leaders campaign on promises, but the democratic process does not allow those promises to simply become policy. Those processes must be followed before the promises become policy, and in this case, the process was never even initiated. Most people do not vote with the mindset that one specific promise is the only thing that matters and the only thing that person stands for. Most people vote for the person they think best suited to run the alliance, and campaign promises only make up a part of how people make that determination.
  9. All these screenshots and still nothing that proves that either the idea of moving back to the blue team was an official policy of the alliance, nor that such a policy would be enacted in a hostile manner. If this is the only basis on which you have declared this war, your CB is on the shakiest of ground.
  10. I don't have to do anything other than obey the laws of physics. Except I haven't. All you've pointed me to is a screenshot taken by a disgruntled former member that everyone has known about for a month now. Beyond that, there is nothing else, unless you have something that neither I nor anyone I've talked to has any knowledge of.
  11. A public campaign promise is hardly a surreptitious plan.
  12. Feel free to post your proof that this was a real thing anytime now. We're all anxious to see it.
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