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  1. My biggest regret is that I'll never be as good a pollmaster as Nero.
  2. What is to be done? Shrooms of the world, unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains! Come brothers and sisters, for the struggle carries on! When the Global Democratic Alliance declared in defence of the reactionary forces of MCXA, they did so in defence of the sin of property and bourgeois values, and in doing so confirmed themselves as traitors to the Karma revolution. That they did so in opposition to the will of The Workers Party of The Last Remnants marks their actions as all the more egregious. The history of all hitherto society is the history of class struggles. Therefore the history of the cyberverse is the history of the same. The workers of the Complaints and Grievances labour union have admirably joined their revolutionary comrades in Doomhouse in taking up arms to defend the gains of the revolution against the Francoist onslaught. The Kommune's factories have been moved to the front and given over to producing materiel helpful to the war effort, as the Francoist puppets dash themselves against our guns with no regard for the lives of their men. It is against this backdrop that the people's Kommune must announce our maiden sovereign military action: In defence of the revolutionary vanguard of The Last Remnants, and in the name of the Glorious People's Commissar of the Vanguard, the Mushroom Kommune acknowledges total war with the Francoist traitors of GDA. Francoism shall not pass! It shall not pass! It shall not pass! It shall not pass! ¡No pasaran! PASAREMOS Ни шагу назад! Signed for all the Kommune's members, babyjesus - People's Commissar of the Colonies Denny - People's Commissar of the Vanguard SteamPoweredHitler - People's Commissar of Semeat Floyd - People's Commissar of Wartime Activity MagicalTrevor - People's Commissar of Electronic Cats potato - People's Commissar of Africa Laslo - People's Commissar of Labour tolkheleknar - People's Commissar of Permanent Revolution Iosif - People's Commissar of Tha Finland WorldConqueror - People's Commissar of Francoism Voytek - People's Commissar of Posting Sovardie - People's Commissar of Going Inactive for Ages Trevelyan - People's Commissar of Corn Joker - People's Commissar of the Paradox gpideal - People's Commissar of im ops Mathias - People's Commissar of good choices Yevgeni - People's Commissar of American Soldiers Jeoh - People's Commissar of Actually Being A Communist Commisar Gaunt - People's Commisar enragedlobster - People's Commissar On Keyboards Scigirl543 - People's Commissar of Internet Relay Chat JohnnyApocalypse - People's Commissar of Cancelling MK Max Cristof - People's Commissar of the Orange Darc - People's Commissar of Two Knight Masks der_ko - People's COmmissar of 2007 Uncle_Stalin - People's Commissar of Don't Reply to his Posts Emperor Anarch - The Second People's Commissar of Francoism Excessive Lime - People's Commissar of Too Much Citrus quiziotle - People's Commissar of OOC Lauzier - People's Commissar of the Third Tier
  3. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/UlMAA.png[/img] [b]Order No. 227 by the People's Commissar of the Vanguard of the MK[/b] [i]Three years after the Karma revolution, and once again a Pacifican Emperor sits on the throne of the Cyberverse.[/i][/center] Comrades! Workers! Tech farmers! Antifascists! Patriotic Shrooms! Come rally! No more deluded by reaction, every man, woman and child must rise up and break free from the shackles of Francoist oppression. The people must defend the gains fo the Karma revolution against the Francoist military uprising, to defend the common freedoms and triumphs of the people! The Equilibrium realises the gravity of the current situation through the bulletins being issued by the !@#$posters - and in our turn we recognise the magnitude of the task ahead of us! In Umbrella and Goons West, the workers are fighting alongside their governments loyal to the Doomhouse cause against the anarchist rebels and the Francoists. To the cry of "the Francoists shall not pass! The Purple monolith must not pass!" Our people exude heroism, but a heroic spirit is not enough. The armament of the kingdom must be confirmed with nukes, airplanes and soldiers. We defend the cause of freedom and peace. Don't you forget - and let no one forget - that if indeed today it falls to us to resist Francoist aggression, the struggle does not end with Doomhouse. Today it is our turn, but if Doomhouse is allowed to succumb, the world shall be next. If you tolerate this, it is your children who will be next in line. So let us advance, and let the blood of babyjesus water the meadows of the Kingdom. By order of the people's commisars of the vanguard and intelligence, the Mushroom Kommune acknowledges a state of total war with the Pacifican puppets of Anarchy Incorporated. We have nothing to lose but our chains! Francoism shall not pass. It shall not pass! It shall not pass! It shall not pass! ¡No pasaran! PASAREMOS [b]Signed, Denis McGrath, People's Commisar of the Vanguard[/b]
  4. Well fought CCC, congrats on peace.
  5. I was kinda confused when I saw DoW. Still, nice work on the poem.
  6. PC Gamer Online Name : At the minute, either Reznov or Denny Favorite Game Genre(s):FPS, RTS, anything with zombies. Games you play: COD4, MW2, Dawn of War, TF2, Counter Strike: Source, Killing Floor, L4D 1+2, Unreal Tournament 2004 +3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty; Black Ops. Are you interested in single (1v1) double(2v2) or team type play(4v4 or more): All works fine for me Timezone: GMT Best Way to contact you:(IRC In-Game etc.) IRC or in-game works fine. (Denis[MK] is the nick) Would you be willing to compete in a tournament? Hell yeah Questions Comments or Suggestions: I'll be willing to play with FF from Argent at DoW :3
  7. Find this quite unexpected (I don't follow politics, so it is to me). Good luck with new alliances and all that jazz.
  8. [quote name='Finnish Commie' timestamp='1292540686' post='2541206'] Congrats to our allies at FOK and to MK. Mighty fine alliances deserve each other. [/quote] Thank you your Red Eminence And hail treaties and.. whatnot..
  9. Archon, FinnishCommie, Bunghole Jargis and maybe others.
  10. I'm just happy that the name isn't IRA related. Long weekend in Dublin, with a lot of angry Dublin fans getting hammered and shouting IRA gets a bit tiring at 2am
  11. [quote name='Alterego' date='24 March 2010 - 12:06 AM' timestamp='1269389175' post='2234610'] Good move, MK and their cronies can have Aqua-ha. [/quote] After all, all your Aqua are belong to us, right? If they wish to move to Blue, then power to them. Overall I doubt it will have much effect on either sphere too much, both Aqua and Blue have enough numbers to have plenty of trades to go round
  12. So many pictures Congrats on passing the mark in the right direction
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