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  1. Walt Schmidt

    CN Game Status

    ...Curious. Will game time-periods, say wars, be extended 24+ hours?
  2. SO AS IT WAS ACCOMPLISHED, SO THEN LET IT BE KNOWN! Pacifica and All that we Partnered with...
  3. Walt Schmidt

    Waking my inner Reaver

    [b][i]"So as it is written, so will it then be done!"[/i][/b]
  4. Walt Schmidt

    New Pacific Order

    Join NPO, meet The F.O.G.[img]http://www.waltsdorsai.net/FOGbbNeg.png[/img]
  5. Walt Schmidt

    PNN: International Edition

    I did, I did, saw me another sunrise!
  6. Walt Schmidt

    A New Day Approaches

    And we have done this how;examples please.
  7. Walt Schmidt

    A New Day Approaches

    Following some of what was written above, I feel compelled to quote (for some perhaps remind, for others perhaps provide for the first time): Shai Dorsai!
  8. Walt Schmidt

    A New Day Approaches

    1 - Planet Bob continues to evolve. 2 - Roles change. 3 - What unfortunately appears not to change are those who deny 1 & 2 above. For the rest of us let's sit back, so to speak, and enjoy...
  9. Walt Schmidt

    A New Day Approaches

    We 'in the trenches grunts' understand two points: - We must follow what is required by the TOS we entered into some three-plus weeks ago - Notwithstanding that, we still can provide a service when called upon and allowed Shai Dorsai! o/ Red Dawn Update in italics
  10. Walt Schmidt

    NPO-New Pacific Order

    ...hmmm Time for more activity, perhaps.
  11. Finally, now on to business.
  12. Walt Schmidt

    An Open Letter to the NPO

    I guess the [sarcasm] tag was needed. Considering the level (or rather lack thereof) of the NPO criticism being put forth, I thought to respond 'in-kind.'
  13. Walt Schmidt

    An Open Letter to the NPO

    I am continually amazed at how far off the mark so many can be while making statements about others. Now where's a good Pee Wee Herman quote when... ah yes: "I know you are but what am I?"
  14. Walt Schmidt

    An Open Letter to the NPO

    o/ Waterana o/ Pacifica It has been debated ad nausium. Yet, (presuming those that post it believe it) many do not seem to get it. We, NPO, will not die on our knees. If those on Planet Bob who oppose us want to end this conflict today, this day 81, it is up to you to respond as has been written elsewhere. Otherwise, let us see what we find on day 181! [OOC]Presuming many really do not get it, you have caused this game to move to a different 'level,' at which we NPO have been playing for many weeks now. And if you do get it already, then apparently IC you'll continue as you now are doing, but OOC know WE will still be here at day 181 even though YOU could have gotten CN back to some semblance of what it was... today day 81.[/OCC] [OCC](added for clarity's sake) p.s. in other words, the ball is in your court[/OOC]