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  1. am I just blind or where is STA in this mess?
  2. [quote name='Lord Strider' date='05 February 2010 - 04:55 PM' timestamp='1265406906' post='2162130'] So you are bragging about having zero infrastructure? How is that being good at war? [/quote] I was sorta wondering that myself.
  3. I just wanted to welcome you to the war and say I hope we both have a good time. One quick question though... is 70 million within your alliance's warchest requirements for a nation of 13k infra?
  4. no matter what you are my hero gopher
  5. [quote name='AAlumni' date='01 February 2010 - 08:03 PM' timestamp='1265072582' post='2151586'] Wait, we're supposed to have a warchest? [/quote] I dont have a warchest I fail.
  6. Isnt brotherington in anarchy with an abysmally small warchest for his infra/tech? why yes, i do believ so Have a good fight all, and lets have this be fun
  7. Admin you did a great thing making this game. Much appreciation.
  8. And TOP is back in #1 position comon and take it for good MHA!
  9. bait much? Luckily chikn's dont eat bait, they eat feed...
  10. cant we all just get along and say oMDoAP because its fun?
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