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  1. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    Effectiveness: 100% Confirmed. Thanks for your help.
  2. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    All of these are still only 99%: &lat=-41.500000&lon=-57.500000 &lat=-41.750000&lon=-57.750000 &lat=-41.999999&lon=-57.999999 Anyone closer?
  3. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    Confirmed location. 100% That was fast. Not April Fools Joke.
  4. skaha

    Green Team - Vote for Sale

    Did not think that a four day old nation could vote. He would be better off asking for tech deals instead.
  5. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    &Location=Mars&Type=Base&lat=-58.00000&lon=-94.00000&VALUE= Thanks for your help.
  6. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    I don't suppose anyone knows how to use Chintan's worksheet to find the hotspot? Or how to find it another way.
  7. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    That's a weird number. lat=3&lon=35 comes up 99%, so it has to be exactly lat=2.99999999&lon=35 to get the 100%.   Thanks for your generous help.
  8. skaha

    CN Game Status

    Weird the quote did not work.   You're lucky. We have grey clouds and threats of snow. Swinging by to see how we are doing. Good luck to the repair team and we wish for a speedy and full recovery.
  9. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    Must have been a typo then. The difference between -160 and -60 would be the attributed to fat fingers on a keyboard that is too small and lack of proof-reading. That I can accept. I always have to keep an eye out for that kind of mistake, myself.
  10. skaha

    Mars Hotspot

    That spot -42,-160 is only 52%. Anyone find the real Mars Hotspot.   I'll have to figure out how to find it myself sometime.
  11. skaha

    Cannot See Moon Map

    at the time, I only had a blank space where the map was supposed to be. Seems to have corrected itself now, but we'll see if the other issues that I think are related to Java not working correctly are also now fixed. Weird how an update can do that.
  12. skaha

    Cannot See Moon Map

    I cannot see moon map. What program is not working on my computer or is it a glitch from your side? If it is Java, then my recent update is not compatible or did not update correctly. Any suggestion? Just need to know what the minimum required program to access the moon page actually is, as that may tell me where to start to see what went wrong.
  13. My question is related to this topic. I do TECH deals. Would doing TECH DEALS with two players on the same network fall into this area and get the player that is unaware that the two players are in the same network? Would the player doing the TECH deal need to screen these players so they don't get in trouble, or should those players that are on the same network have to disclose that they are in a network or will there be some way to tell if someone is in the same network as another player that you already have a deal with. It would be nice to get some sort of warning when making the second aid deal saying that you already have a deal with someone from that network.
  14. WTF sounds like a good option.   My AA just isn't big enough to help, nor any alliance friendly enough with us, and the number of Alliances that are big enough are very few and far between.   Not familiar with Kashmir, sorry.   Obviously, no one has a real solution to the problem, but then if they did, there would be no problem.   Someone telegrammed me with a solution, a suicide run attacking one or two of their numbers, going nuclear, and that would knock my numbers down rather efficiently. That would make me feel better, but that is not a good option either.