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  1. haiiii gummyworm.

  2. [quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' timestamp='1340730101' post='2997349'] Are you still so dense as to not see the sheer idiocy of treatying an alliance that had just gotten through mashing you into the ground? To MK you're a tool until you're a threat, so enjoy the "tool" portion of the cycle; I suppose it's the more fun one. Even so, signing that treaty is something so nonsensical I can't imagine what goes through your head. If someone had run me down like CnG demolished you, or demolished NPO [i]twice[/i] I wouldn't be running to their arms once they pretended to like me. How bad of a whipped d
  3. Nice post Seerow. Dr. Seerow will be available after class till 5pm tomorrow if any TOP or IRON students wish to understand logistics better.
  4. YaY us Now can we go blow something up now?
  5. Still wondering why everyone is hating on us for standing by an ally? Oh yea because nobody does that anymore right? TPF in Karma war=Heros -- MK in this mess=Evil Evil Evil
  6. Ahhhh But a brick wall doesnt say anything stupid. It is smart enough to realize it doesnt have anything intelligent to say. So in that case i think you owe all brick walls a formal appology for comparing the two.
  7. So what if u hit 4 alliances of 10 members? That would be cool right?
  8. Ugh, i read about 15 pages and got bored of the bawwwing. The point still remains that its ok to raid a 10 member alliance but you add that extra 29 guys and all of sudden its global terrorism. And maybe i missed it since i only read half the thread but has KoNI responded yet? Seems like everyone cares a hellava lot more about this than they do. CN has been stale since the karma war. Thats the only reason people would care this much over this. Something actually happened! OMG I HAVE TO START A THREAD ABOUT IT!
  9. I thought the bigger alliance (more members) got booted in case of tie? Isnt that how GATO got booted off?
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