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  1. I agree. I was pounded this whole war 1v3 and although i could have fought another month or two, EQ did win the war but they should have beaten us far worse with the odds we faced. So neither side should feel happy about the outcome. Good fight.
  2. Always great to see a spot on post that everyone agrees with.
  3. Wow your so so butthurt its rather funny. For the Reich!!!!
  4. I vote zero. Every single person in that alliance always seem to have our name coming out of their mouth. Their useless and just like to run their mouth. Now go fetch me the paper.
  5. haiiii gummyworm.

  6. [quote name='Mr Havok' timestamp='1340745511' post='2997511'] Spoken by the alliance sitting on the sidelines [/quote] You guys might as well be sitting on the sidelines too. Honestly, declaring war with only a handful of nations in war mode and the total fail DOW, you guys are the new GGA. Come to grips with that. And every post you guys make, makes me feel that GGA could have destroyed you guys. So sad.
  7. Someone need to dig this thread up if we happen to lose a big war ever again. How everyones opinions on reps will change. Just you see. That "Honor" part of it will make for great conversation. Because as everyone here knows, its only dishonorable when MK and friends do it. I gaurentee you that the same people tooting their horn about how they would neeeevvvver ask for reps would be first in line from reps from us. Spout your were to nice and honorable crapp all you want on these boards. But we all know what your really thinking. Dont be silly now.
  8. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1341007500' post='3000175'] I've been in 4 wars, and hopped into peace mode so I can reload nukes, once am able to hop out of peace mode I intend on stagger nuking your coalitions tiny nations to keep them in nuclear anarchy for as long as possible, I'm not sure you understand that we outnumber you in the lower tiers, so beating down the NS of the nations that aren't in peace mode helps us in this war. @yev, if you don't think this war was chosen because it was far more favorable than the war you're currently fighting in chaining out, I have highly over estimated you, we made an easy target because certain alliances have been ensuring we stay one(ironic considering MK's DoW of "Xiph has been saying mean things about us in backchannels") [/quote] I understand completely restocking in PM. I also understand you have us outnumbered in the lower tiers. But my question to you is this....Do we have every single nation below a certain strength level in PM? No we dont. So your example of yay we want to win the lower/mid tiers is not valid because you guys will find no problem in finding nations to fight down there. There was no MK announcement that said all nations less than say 72K hit peace mode RIGHT NOW! Yes some lower guys were put in PM due to vacation/inactives/warchest issues. But some of the AA's were fighting are just mass PM'in their upper tiers. Now not all of the alliances are doing that but RIA and Sparta come to mind with the entire first page in PM. Theres not a single nation on those that have anyone fighting in upper tiers. You knew you could beat us up a lil in lower tier. We knew also. But where is the long list of PM'ers in MK in the lowers. You'll find some. But were not gonna cower and say oh no'z we might lose down there! edit: Not singling out sparta and RIA but those are just 2 that came to mind. Im sure there are plenty others. Throw TTK,RnR and MCXA in there too
  9. [quote name='Ogaden' timestamp='1341000557' post='3000114'] Why don't you come out of peace mode and say that You cowards literally attacked an already defeated foe and expected a quick victory. For many of us this is our second curbstomp war in a row, for some it's their third or even fourth. What a surprise most of our nations aren't top tier anymore. So while your fat slob nations are sitting at 200k or even 300k the average NS of one of our nations is 20-30k, but those nations have WRCs and stuff, so you are getting reamed, and now the tears are flowing, oh no not the tears! YOU CHOSE THIS. This is what you wanted, and now you have it, and you are crying and saying how we're dishonorable? Do you realize how retarded you sound? [/quote] ummmm Im in 4 wars and have BEEN in war mode the whole time. Confused much?
  10. The thing that i dont get is this. You got all these nations running their mouth about people need to step and and kill MK because were soooooo evil. Ok. So Most of these same people are hiding in PM. And they have the nerve to complain that nobody is doing anything about it. I hate peace mode. Even if im told to go to pm for the second wave for example. It kills me sittin there. So please if your sitting in PM so you dont lose your precious pixels then dont complain when nobody takes your little crusade against us seriously. Most of you guys let your mid tiers burn and the few big nations that you have that want to have fun and lob nukes at us burn. While you sit there complaining and whining that "somebody needs to do something to stop the evvvvvil MK and friends. Thats like complaining about who gets elected president when your too lazy to vote. Those that i have fought i respect for actually doing something. Not just sitting around in PM until the end of the war whining the whole time. I have no problems at all with people on vacations or periods of inactives that obviously dont want their nations burned while their not here. Or waiting a week or two on orders to be the reserve wave to help out. but putting your top 20 or so nations in PM because they might lose as an actual strategy makes my head hurt on how dumb that is. [OOC] Havnt you ever been in a fight with someone bigger than you in real life? By the way you guys talk, you must cower and run away. In your minds that is smart. But in my mind thats just a big @#$#%.
  11. [quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' timestamp='1340730101' post='2997349'] Are you still so dense as to not see the sheer idiocy of treatying an alliance that had just gotten through mashing you into the ground? To MK you're a tool until you're a threat, so enjoy the "tool" portion of the cycle; I suppose it's the more fun one. Even so, signing that treaty is something so nonsensical I can't imagine what goes through your head. If someone had run me down like CnG demolished you, or demolished NPO [i]twice[/i] I wouldn't be running to their arms once they pretended to like me. How bad of a whipped dog to you have to be to do something like that? [/quote] You obviously have never stopped by our forums and realized the love we got for our current allies. But i guess its ok to hope we split from them. Gotta be frustrating to wait forever though. edit: If we pretend to like you, will you run into our arms too? <3
  12. [quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1334346437' post='2952375'] I hereby surrender to GOONS/VE. I don't wish to fight a war for someones ego. [/quote] [quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1340570885' post='2994719'] Hey, this look familiar. Remember when you and I were both 35k NS and I did the same to you because I was in nuclear anarchy and couldn't declare? I believe you went into peace mode about 5 days later because you GOONYS messed the stagger up and you were afraid I would declare on you.. [/quote] Afraid of what? That you would surrender to them?
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