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  1. I'm sorry, what attention? And it's not MY alliance, it's LoD's. [ooc] thank you for bringing that to my attention. I have changed it to be more appropriate. [/ooc]
  2. Wow... being snarked by the illustrious New Pacific Order. We are honored, dear sirs. Perhaps someday you will understand what it is to enjoy the small victories, without allowing others to bring you down about the larger ones. Glad to see Darkstar off to such a great start!
  3. Pssh, whatever IM. You know you loves us all. ~Kylliah (still awaiting forum name change)
  4. About 10% of my RL persona finds its way into my CN character. I'm more sarcastic online, more outspoken, and a LOT more silly. I'm actually rather serious offline, and a lot quieter. Offline, I tend to prefer to watch people than to interact with them. My online persona has differences in her life from my own... something a lot of people don't realize until they get to talk to me OOC.
  5. Kylliah


    It's true, there is a limit to what RPing can cover. I think a lot of times, we forget that there are real people on the other side of the computer screen, and they may be genuinely offended by something that is said "in character". However, if you have an OOC issue with something said IC, it may be best to deal with it privately, to avoid mishaps like that you described there. I would certainly hope that anyone that had an OOC problem with me would come tell me. Sometimes I get carried away (as I'm sure many of us do), and don't realize I may have crossed a line.
  6. When I see those attacking NPO coming to his defense, I will be more likely to believe it isn't a PR stunt (OOC: I love your avatar, Aimee. I've been staring at it for the past 10 minutes.) To the OP: I am glad you have found somewhere you feel comfortable and at-home. And you spoke eloquently about it, especially for your first venture into the OWF. I do have to agree that these sentiments may be better served on NPO's forums, to help bolster the morale of your comrades, than out here where even the mention of Pacifica's name seems to make people bristle. See? At least five people re
  7. We assume you will, otherwise what's the point in fighting against the terms stated?
  8. o/ Everyone involved Now we do the dance of joy!
  9. Kylliah

    RL vs CN

    Real life is a !@#$%*. That is all.
  10. You know, I find it so funny that every individual I didn't go to with this seems convinced I didn't go to anyone. Are you all so symbiotically linked that you know the instant one of your comrades hears something you don't? Or do you really trust them that much, that they'll tell you if someone comes to them with something that could see THEM taken from power? Yes, it probably was cowardice that kept me from being more public with my concerns. I can willingly admit that. I was afraid of what would happen to me if I did. Now, I'm not. Go figure.
  11. Not that they'll admit to, of course
  12. He was flying NPO's AA when he was attacked by Sparta.
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