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  1. I will update the land part in a while, then maybe someone else can take over this guide for me, thx
  2. Thanks! I'll get it put in soonish and give credit
  3. I will add the info in, but its probably still "nothing special" (in the great words of feperir) since nations wont be buying navy till they are at around 3000 infrastructure
  4. When I find the time I suppose I could find out for you, but it would of course be partially case specific as I have uranium, etc.
  5. I would make a thread dedicated to the question, and then I will update the nation building guide with some exact information ;-)
  6. I'm not sure I fully agree with that, it depends how much money you had spare, but even I couldn't go clinic,clinic,hospital in one day, not a chance. If your citizen count is at... 6000 (as that would be at 6 improvements), that is 6000 citizens. 6000 citizens *0.04 is only 240, and even a hospital (6240*0.08) is only 500. That is an extra 740 citizens over 3 improvements, which could have been spent on a bank which would have given a far greater return on investment over that time. If you are recieving aid, then it probably is the best, as actual income is trivial when you have millions sent
  7. Not really as you are missing out on many of potential bonus resources, you also don't have uranium which would be a good choice for offensive nations.. Mathematically there are a lot better resources/combos, for example, many regard the furs resource possibly the worst in the game, and lead close behind. Spices is only useful if you are using it to get the fastfood bonus resource. If not then wine would be a better replacement, in your position I would be maximising my economy/happiness at the moment and military would be the last thing to worry about
  8. At the moment lead is not doing anything to help your nation, Oil could be replaced with something better (such as wine for example). The first resource set in the guide is pretty much optimal imho, it has pigs, cattle, wheat, and fish which is a must as more citizens = more improvements sooner. At such an early age you don't really need to concentrate on military so much, focus on growing and getting your first 5 or so improvements before looking to start wars etc
  9. You are probably correct, I have added that in. It's a shame the search feature is disabled here otherwise I could go and look up what other people have said..
  10. Thanks, I read somewhere on the day of the update it was 1k, though I think it changed (or what I read was a suggestion )
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