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  1. Thank you too, I didn't limit myself to the wiki but I also read some of the related threads/DoWs, now I have a much clearer idea of what this whole discussion is about.
  2. Thank you. On ballads and goblins, TBH I enjoy reading that stuff (am I a pervert?) although extorted artwork is rarely worth the effort. As such I'm happy that the term was dropped and that Tevron (I believe - thank you) wrote it himself nonetheless. I remember seeing it somewhere relatively recently, it was all but bad.
  3. Everyone please excuse my ignorance: that conflict you're now discussing, with the reps and everything, how did it come to start?
  4. What do you mean with "banks"? I thought that bank nations went out of fashion more than ten years ago. Have I been wrong all this time?
  5. Don't feel alone*, I think I comprehend you, on this. * Yes, I know you don't mind feeling it.
  6. Since I've been mentioned I'll interject myself to specify that I meant that the commentary over facts looked partisan, not that the facts relayed were fake. It's appropriate that I further specify that I didn't and I don't mean to say or to imply that said facts were genuine, either. I'm not going to explicitly or implicitly support either side, here. My comment was just to highlight the entertaining value of JA's publication, and to praise and thank him for it. Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. According to your recollection of it, was it only after their cease and desist letter had been ignored? Or with no prior warning?
  8. Just a brief note to say that I didn't forget about this, I'm just in vacancy and my activity (generally already not stellar, TBH) is slightly lower than usual. I'll get back to it at a later point.
  9. Nice reporting, as usual, JA. Obviously your point of view is strongly in favour of one side but that doesn't detract from the entertainment value of your issues: well done and again thank you for the fun.
  10. Nowadays nations not attended to are automatically placed in inactivity mode (basically: saved and removed from the game, they can be resumed upon logging in the game). IIRC this was established after 2011. AFAIK there's no backup of older nations, thus restoring your one is impossible and even the admin couldn't do it. You can create a new nation. While your previous progress is lost you should be able to get back to where you've been in 2011, relatively fast. You can also now be sure that your progress will be safe from deletion by inactivity. This may be non-ideal, but it's all you have.
  11. He's got eyes of the bluest skies As if they thought of rain I'd hate to look into those eyes And see an ounce of pain His oval head reminds me of a warm safe place Where as a child I'd hide And pray for the thunder and the rain To quietly pass me by Sweet child o' mine Sweet friend of mine Where do we go? Where do we go now? Where do we go?
  12. I didn't say that this stuff is valid - in fact I don't care about it - I said that, with your past behaviour (which you admitted to and apologized for, after having been caught red handed), you're among the people that should least go around commenting about what's true or false, like you were the final authority or some gospel of sorts. You're not credible, that's all my point.
  13. I have never considered you a buffoon, I tend to find it easy to respect what you say. Incidentally, according to my philosophy of life I should have written "those friends of him that also behaved as buffoons"... but I slipped.
  14. That behaviour from bros was really bad, in game shenanigans are OK and they can be really funny, but unethical behaviour as a RL webmaster is totally unacceptable. It's absurd that he still comes here to say what would be true or false, even expecting to be listened to by anyone that was around in those days (except maybe those friends of him that were buffoons as well). Just go away and don't come back, despicable crook.
  15. @Mogar - I am not sure that I get what you meant (in the locked thread). There's no reason to think that IC neutrals didn't donate to the game (in fact there were people who did it).
  16. I don't know if you're asking to me specifically - I guess you're not - however I'm not going to bother answering either way. As for the land stuff, the part about the providing party having to be on their way out is clearly absurd, and in no way it could be justified as a requirement. The staff never ever protected any nation from harm for any reason, they didn't even reimburse those that had been hit and damaged by gangs which were operating with illicitly amassed tech. The requirement you cite would have been utter bullcrap.
  17. I once reported myself, does that count? (I hadn't gone mad, it was half jokingly and because I had inadvertently grave-dug a thread, which I was asking to please lock.) More seriously, not reporting friends is compatible with reporting people indifferent to you without IC second reasons. We're way off topic anyway, and this issue is boring, thus I'll stop here.
  18. I more or less agree, except where you said that "we all used to use the mods as a weapon". Not everyone (of those that actively filed reports) did that, I know for certain of at least one player doing it 100% honestly.
  19. I know that it's not what you meant to write, but still... This made me smile. Years ago a Mod told me that Pacifica was controlling the Mod team (by means of having many Mods among their members). Bear in mind that it was their own personal individual opinion, that I was never shown any evidence or document, thus this is basically hearsay. You'll also have to decide if I can be trusted. Nonetheless, I know for a fact that the WTF used to DoW on their inactive members, and AFAIK they never suffered any serious consequences for it. After pages of unchecked discussion of cheating and Mod bias, we can probably conclude that the staff almost completely abandoned this ship some time ago. I actually expect them to pop up sooner or later, though. It would be nice if they did something (anything) to keep this board a minimum tidy, in fact, but years of death wishes, harassment and abuse, racist, discriminatory and hate-inciting comments with little to no consequence convinced me not to hold my breath. It indeed is against the rules, there are precedents about it. Although, well, see above about rules enforcement. (It has to be said that stuff must be reported first, for rules to be enforced.) (I might add that I stopped reporting because the Mod team is as responsive as a ghost town.)
  20. Is the boy in this picture actually Terminator?
  21. I would guesstimate that you've vastly overestimated the number of people that actually read/pay any attention to any post on this board.
  22. Congratulations (and obligatory condolences), Stewie.
  23. From a strictly OOC point of view Canik is basically mostly correct: senior players that stopped contributing to the game long ago have very little ground to stand on to blame newer players, whatever path these last decided to follow (as long as it was not in direct breach of the game rules, or blatantly unfair). I totally understand who decided to stop caring because of rampant unchecked cheating and/or lack of accountability about it, and also because of the excessively conservative play of many/most power clusters (the two things are connected TBH), but "stop caring" means that one, you guessed it, stopped caring. It also isn't justification to blame someone that (AFAIK, at least) had nothing to do with the dynamics that deteriorated the game (either player or admin -driven/allowed). AFAIK Canik actually did more than most to keep the game alive in the last few years. From an IC point of view I'm strictly neutral about any event, entity or debate featured in this thread. Please carry on.
  24. Except that Shakespeare is entertaining, and a couple hundred other differences TBH.
  25. IIRC they sold down and that was part of their plan for such a situation. I'm not going to comment about your war record and/or what helped you get to your current rank. I'm only talking of the history surrounding Hime's fall.
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