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  1. Thank you for having remedied my silly mistake, positive indeed. Thumbs up!
  2. Honestly, at first glance I thought that you were making a satire of Meth/their incarnations, then I realized that it was you yourself posting it. Whatever was your intent, well done and thanks!
  3. According to Luna's spreadsheet (with the Moon's Hotspot data), the Mars Hotspot could now be: &lat=27.0&lon=87.0 (72.845%) &lat=27.0&lon=86.0 (27.154%)
  4. "Luckily" I had the Base in a "wrong" spot (see my previous post) and I could then start with a 88% effectiveness along with the 50% of the previous hotspot. For the Moon LAT=56 and LON=-22 provides 100%. To use in the link: &lat=56.0&lon=-22.0
  5. I didn't know that, I was not in the GPA at the time (or maybe I had known of it later but I didn't remember it?) At any rate that means that you too are special. I think that, when CN politics made sense, having been both neutral and aligned at some point in time made one's experience more complete. Having been both popular and unpopular was also instructive. But I digress.
  6. This is pretty accurate , I have been in the GPA , NPO & NpO and now I am in IRON. The tides of in game politics push me along from place to place. Your time in the GPA means that you've also been unaligned at some time. Which is one of the reasons you're more special than most for. (Hello PMJ, nice to see that you're still around! 💚)
  7. Thank you Rakul, I used that with Luna's spreadsheet. For Mars it should be Lat=-21.0, Lon=-14.0, 100% effectiveness.
  8. For the Moon Wonders Lat=9.0 and Lon=-123 gives 100%. I used Rakul's data from the Mars hotspot, Luna's spreadsheet, tested Lat=6, Lon=-130 (which had a slightly higher probability - ~29.38% vs ~29.33% - than the real hotspot, and which actually gives 94%). To use in the link: &lat=9.0&lon=-123.0 (Personal note: no idea how or why, but my page says that I moved my Moon Base today, which I'm positive I didn't do. Messed up links probably, not that important anyway.)
  9. GOONS or GOONs (I forgot which was what) had a long history and at least two meaningful incarnations, several leaders, have been involved in countless events big and small, had probably well over one or two thousand total members across their history. As everything else here they died out at some point in the last years. Nobody will tell you anything meaningful (to you), especially as you didn't say what kind of information you're looking for and what do you need it for. Aside from mild amusement (for other people which are not you), this thread's value is next to zero and that's due to how poorly you started it. Sorry if my comment sounds too harsh, feel free to ignore/mock it, I won't mind.
  10. They're perfect, White Chocolate, thank you.
  11. I don't think you are all warmongers, whoever are the people you were meaning with "we". With "building anything" I meant building anything, building relations to then blow the world up also qualifies.
  12. (On another note, I didn't forget about my first post, I am just still postponing it.)
  13. I don't know about their internal activity (I doubt it's significant but I don't know), but from the outside they look pretty in a terrible state (not blaming them, we at the GPA are definitely in worse a shape). It would be no wonder to learn that no one of them has any interest in keeping Bob alive (is it alive?)... why should they? An active entity that could otherwise arise could blow them out of the water. However, I doubt they need to do or not do much to obtain that this world stays inactive, in fact I also doubt they're actually doing or not doing much at all. One factor that keeps this world (almost) dead could be that many of the few active oldies are too jaded to do anything to build anything new (relations, stats, anything), they just prefer to chat and maybe "go rogue" for fun or lulz - and yes, I'm kinda looking in your direction too, friend. The FTW may be terrible, I don't presume I know, however they have a few people that look active and interested in doing something (anything) beyond complaining about the state of things and circling their thumbs while they fire their umpteenth nuke and brag about their casualties. If anything, you (if interested ofc), GK and his gang, and them should put together your efforts and do something to change the state of things. Or I don't know, you can continue syh at people sawing the branch they sit on, while you also saw the branch you sit on.
  14. Thank you. I only wish the game made it easy to right-click on the Moon Wonders link on a smartphone's touch screen, it would have saved me from wasting two wonder moves to no avail. I have no idea how to do it and I'll now have to collect at 72% efficiency. More than the actual damage, it's just irritating to have such a mobile unfriendly game in 2019. One of the few non-totally trivial things left to do, and I can't do it on my mobile. It feels very silly.
  15. What can possibly be the point in vandalizing, of all things, the Cyber Nations Wiki in 2019? In comparison, watching dried paint dry even more ought to be unbearably exciting.
  16. Mine is just a personal sensation, anyway I doubt that Mogar will need much luck (in general, not only in this case). He's been in very bad corners more times that I can count and he has always survived, this time it won't be any different. The opponent he chose has many nations, though, they should find it easy to keep him staggered with nations of their choice. All of this only to say that, in this situation, everyone involved can just enjoy the fight - which is exactly what I wish to you all: have fun! 😘
  17. You're wrong! I grew older up to about 35 and I then started to feel younger and younger. I now consider my mind and spirit to be in their early twenties. (It's just the midlife crisis, I know... 😉)
  18. Gopher!!! *bear hug* You're right that old players can get very little, if anything at all, from the game (in my opinion many could at least try to learn to be nicer, although basically no one can hope to get to Nicest Player level, which is your level). I don't expect anything anymore, personally, as you actually detected. Others are playing seriously, though, and maybe I can provide a very little help to slightly improve the way the game is played, which is the point of this thread. After all, you posted again: that is in itself enough a reward for this thread, at least in my opinion.
  19. If I had to mention only one individual with really an heavy and intimidating tone and presence, on top of really a great intelligence and political clout, courage and defiance, I'd probably choose Electron Sponge. No offence meant to anyone else, but only a very few (that I know of) aren't/weren't dwarfed in comparison, and none of those few is still in activity. (Full disclosure: for most of his career I definitely didn't like what ES was doing, basically every single darn time.)
  20. Without having read your suggestion, I think that the idea is worth to be added to the survey (it can be hard coded or politically enforced, in theory). (Because no, I didn't forget about this.)
  21. I was sure that your heart was in the right place: good show.
  22. I can imagine very few things I'd take more seriously than the drawings a child might want to show me. Things I could consider more urgent, a lot. Things I'd take as seriously, definitely some. But more seriously? Really, only a selected few. I quietly suggest that you might have picked the wrong metaphor.
  23. Beware, as the next step is reading older threads in the middle of the night while chuckling with yourself, for no other reason than to chuckle with yourself while you read old stuff in the middle of the night. If you find yourself doing it every night (I'm not there yet) for the love of god start playing some tank FPS instead, or anything.
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