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  1. Hi there, To quote the Cyber Nations Information Index at: https://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.asp#Moon_&_Mars_Wonders "One of the key concepts behind the Moon and Mars wonders is that of a position on the Moon and Mars that provides premium solar and resource utilization known as a hidden hotspot that affects the effectiveness of Moon or Mars facilities in the game. The closer in miles that a facility is to the hotspot the more effective that wonder becomes for your nation up to a maximum of 100% and a minimum of 50%." Basically, there's a hotspot, which is an ideal location for your Moon Wonders, and if your Wonders are too far from the hotspot, they lose up to half their effectiveness. Case in point, I just moved my Colony to the hotspot, and my colony population jumped from 8,813 to 17,627 so from 50% effectiveness to 100% effectiveness. The location of the hotspot changes each month. See the discussion thread at https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/64843-moon-hotspot/ to find the latest hotspot. To pinpoint the coordinates when you're moving your Wonder, try the steps listed at https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/64843-moon-hotspot/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1806043 under How to set your exact coordinates...
  2. I think so, just enough. I'm about to settle 20 days of bills and taxes, but first I moved all three wonders to the new hotspot. The moves cost me a total of $4,393,215.99 and improved my forecast by about $3,024,108. I know that looks like a loss, but I'll get another 20-day collection out of this month, so it should all add up to profiting from the move.
  3. Well, I have been using it since I joined Cyber Nations five years ago, but not as a mod. I don't know if anyone else uses it.

    Also, it's a picture of Siberius, from Ratchet & Clank 2.

  4. That profile picture you have looks strangely familiar!

  5. What makes you say that? :S

  6. Did you use to be a mod? :)

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