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  1. 14 hours ago, Immortan Junka said:

    Let me put this in a way you might understand.


    Your alliance is poor and has no active aid. It's alot like SNX was before the July Revolution. Except instead of virtuous knights leading the people, there are a few troublemakers holding back everyone else.


    Everyone in the Imperium pulled together in order to survive. Today we are prosperous and mighty. There are those among you who joined Hoo hoping to rebuild classical CN.


    I invite those of TBC who dissaprove of the Chaos to come talk to me on Discord.








    You think our goal was to rebuild classical CN?


    How adorable of you. 

  2. 48 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:


    Considering we purged the rebel, methrage and other idiots from this world with nuke turtles and a little aid, "fun" might not be the right word for attacking us.


    Again, you're way off the mark here. We have no intent of becoming an alliance that hangs around to just randomly attack people. 



    PS. And TBC is not attacking whatever alliance you're in these days, just as an FYI so we can avoid another repeat of the past three pages. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    Interesting move. It looks like Non Grata has been taking some significant damage in this war and things might get a little more damaging for NoR as well. It will interesting to see how this war over Maroon ends or if it drags out into a long ongoing war.


    What move? This had nothing to do with the war, it just kind of.... became part of the war. I guess. And now it is partially un-becoming part of the war. 


    It's all very, very clear. The clearest ever. So clear you're going to get tired of things being clear. By the way, did I tell you about the chocolate cake I was eating when I wrote this?

  4. 6 hours ago, Kristjan Laidoner said:


    Oh man, if only you knew how hilariously ironic this line is.




    Read the Leadership section. 


    I am very aware of the extent to which this was "handled". You have the coordination skills of a blind Air Traffic Controller and I am calling you out on it. Again, congratulations on the public display of incompetence. 


    Still not seeing your point. There is leadership above you - leadership which I spoke to. I don't care how you view this was handled, nor how 'incompetent' you think we are. It really doesn't matter. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, White Chocolate said:

    I suppose if you want to play coy and make an OP that only the people who know the secret handshake and code words understand,  that's your choice.  However I do not think that the rest of us (including Junka, and believe me I'll argue with him when he's wrong as much as anyone - hell, I miss it some days) are therefore at any sort of fault for our confusion.  You wanted chaos, you got it. 


    Dude, it's really not that hard. There is no sweet handshake. 


    And yes, we did. It's good to have SOMETHING happening, so I can't be upset about that! 

  6. Just now, White Chocolate said:

    Put me in the moron category too. 


    I figured this was a DoW on someone, looked at who was being attacked and the only reason I even thought for a second that maybe there was a mistake was because, frankly, attacking Nor would be far far too much of a ballsy move and I wouldn't expect it of most alliances, certainly not of TBC.  Maybe some alliance deciding it was time to call it quits (which you might of been doing for all most of us know.)


    In terms of the number of people attacking, with the current lack of interest on Planet Bob from many many alliances it is entirely possible you just had some miscommunication or a bad blitz. 

    Standard practice yes,  but it just happened to go along with an OWF post in the area where people make DoW's while there is a war happening.  I can see Nor's point of view here.

    So what was the point of the post?  Please enlighten those of us who are not in the TBC in crowd. 


    The point of the post has already been shared with our close allies and now NoR. If I intended to make it black and white, I would have originally done so. Thus is the fun of chaos!

  7. 28 minutes ago, Kristjan Laidoner said:


    Do you think before you speak or just let the stream of thought flow aimlessly?


    Degrees of separation does not absolve one of the consequences of their inexplicably ignorant actions. If those same degrees of separation did not stop multiple individuals of your alliance from attacking us, why do you believe that they should prevent us from launching a reprisal? 


    This is in addition to the fact that you came here to formally announce a "State of Chaos", which is a roundabout method of informing Planet Bob that you have lost control of your membership, and some of them are more keen on following misdirection from Mogar than they are their own alliance leadership.


    Congratulations, your attempts at damage control have equated to a public declaration of incompetence.


    You were much better off informing us through private channels of your inability to control your members than turning this into the public display of ineptness it has so hilariously become.



    I don't give a damn about 'damage control'. If you think I do, you're sorely misinformed and misunderstand the purpose of this thread. Go talk to your alliance leadership before you attempt to lecture me on things you aren't knowledgeable about. This has all been handled already.

  8. 17 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

    Come on guys this is really basic CN, rogue attacks coming from an AA = valid casus belli against AA. This honestly sounds like an idea Mogar came up with.


    I'm just gonna leave this here.


    10 minutes ago, King Wally said:

    I blame smurth!


    He said something about a free for all and I just couldn't resist coming back for one last death run! Also having a good laugh about the NoR thing... I just hit the first bastard I saw giving Viceroy Ogaden a hard time. Looking at the end result I can confidently say my work here is done! Enjoy the chaos everyone! B-)


    !@#$ - maybe I DO have to thank NoR. I declared a state of Chaos and we really didn't have much chaos.

    Thanks guys! Same time next Tuesday? We'll bring the tacos. You bring the tequila.

  9. 35 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

    Usually when you attack people it's an act of war.


    Holy !@#$, really?! This whole time I thought you needed to write them a documented notice and get congressional approval. How silly of me. 


    Usually when you declare war an alliance kind of... you know, declares war? But !@#$ man, if one or two wars means a full declaration of war then we've really missed out on some opportunities over the years. 

  10. 16 hours ago, Van Hoo III said:


    Stopping anyone would require way too much effort! ... just like posting a DoW ... :X



    Honorary members don't get to vote ... if, you know, we actually voted on things.


    Besides, it's clear that TBC is now a dictatorship and is ran by yours truly. That, of course, means that all members may now do whatever they want as TBC is now a full blown anarchy.




    We all know TBC is run by one person only, and that person is Gopher's cat.

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