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  1. On 3/9/2015 at 11:08 PM, Chimaera said:

    It's a damn pleasure to be, for the first time, sharing an alliance with you. But it's more of a pleasure to be your friend, Shuru. You're a rather remarkable human being, and we're all the better for you being in our lives.



  2. You are, most certainly, correct. It is a very real issue, with a very distinct lack of understanding by those that have never felt it.

    One of the things I love, and generally turn to when I'm having a bad day, is Hyperbole and a Half's characterization of it.

    Part One

    Part Two

    Just to remind myself that it happens, it's okay to feel terrible as hell, and that those around me that are frustrating the !@#$ out of me mean well, but I just need to find my shriveled piece of corn.

  3. Yeah, but that guy didn't have $200 shoes.

    (Say the running companies :P )

    I do the Detroit marathon every year, though I scarcely ever get better at it. Ironically I got my best time after doing no training at all for half a year prior, because apparently I tend to try too hard, and doing too much will hurt you more than doing too little. Two or three years ago, feeling energetic, I went to the front of the line just to see how long I could keep up with the leaders. Hung in there for three miles, then they blew away, I went overboard trying to rehydrate myself, got nauseous, and took a nap for about an hour on the side of the course.

    Some women spotted me and reported to the EMS volunteers that they saw a dead man on the side of the road. After questioning me to confirm my sanity and several assurances that I wasn't dying, one that lived on that road offered to let me rest in his home (which was both kind and hilarious). But after talking for thirty minutes I jumped back up and managed to finish shortly before the last chance bus. :v:

    So all things considered you did pretty well! Congratulations on your second.

    Thanks so much Kyriakos! That's a pretty crazy story. Detriot might be on my list because of how awesome the international portion looks. I'm assuming it's an awesome course?

  4. Thanks guys!

    For a moment I thought you completed an iron man triathlon in a dress and high heels... you probably would have gotten some news coverage. :P

    Haha! Nope, though you're probably right! There's a guy that does a bunch of Ironman's every year in full firefighter gear. He most defintiely gets attention from how amazing it is!

  5. Good luck Dajobo! I know quite a few individuals who have gone through this surgery and it can occasionally be rough. Stay positive and I'm sure you'll recover 100% and be good as new. Will you get to experience the wonders of pooping through your stomach?

  6. CN is a little less !@#$%* with you back. Also, I personally am very proud of the changes you have made, it has been my privilege to be close enough to watch the changes.

    It's a damn pleasure to be, for the first time, sharing an alliance with you. But it's more of a pleasure to be your friend, Shuru. You're a rather remarkable human being, and we're all the better for you being in our lives.

    Thanks for the compliments guys. It's nice to regularly see both of you again.

    Looks like you're doing well. Nice to meet you and glad to see you're passionate about HR of all things. (My background is similar.)

    Needs more cat pics.

    That's interesting! I'm curious as to what your background is. If you're ever on IRC and feel the desire for a chat, I'd be in. I'll make sure to put cat pictures on the list for my next post. :P

  7. i climbed longs peak in Colorado with my wrestling teammates. I will never forget signing my name on the summitt.... because i dreaded going all the way back down- of which I was holding on for dear-life and marmots ran around me like I was a wimp.

    cheers to your endeavors,


    It's very true that going down is usually much more painful than going up!

  8. Is this cliche and boring?My impression of this essay is that it is poetic, eloquent, and sincere. The situation Shurikian is writing about, is of course, cliche, because many people do fall into these types of relationships and do make similar decisions about such relationships. But what makes it notable is its quality. It is generally well-written and generally sincere, the metaphors are well-employed and contribute to the effectiveness of the essay; structurally, the piece sticks together, communicating the underlying sentiment effectively.The aspect I admire most about the essay is the understated quality of emotion. It is a selenic grief; there are no histrionics, it is marked by an apparent calm and a slightly-tensed composure. This is where its sincerity lies; unlike the majority of dreck that youths and teenagers post onto the Internet, it does not say what it does not have to and it is not narcissistic through expanding the trivial into the profound. It gives the experience its proper due and no more.Thus, as far as being cliche and boring goes, it liberates itself from banality through its quality.===That said, $%&@ you Shurikian, I can write what I want where I want and where I want about your personal essays.

    Thank you Inst, I don't normally get these types of critiques. It's great to have someone finally analyze the structure and composition.