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    Four Years of Change

    It's very true that going down is usually much more painful than going up!
  2. I've always loved me some Nemhauser. Hope this goes smoothly for you guys.
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    Hello there.

    I'm back. For now. It's been quite some time. It's also been interesting to see some old faces.
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    Hello there.

      Can't really argue with you there.... glutton for punishment maybe?
  5. Shurukian

    Hello there.

    Hello everyone. I've been doing quite well.     Zog, if Chimaera wasn't so insistent, I'd seriously consider. ;)
  6. [center][img]http://i416.photobucket.com/albums/pp241/FireAtWill013/Cybernations/30627770.png[/img] [size="1"]This post may be occasionally OOC.[/size][/center] For the past year, (maybe even two, I lost count) TSI has been quiet. Quite quiet. Much quieter than an alliance should be, so I decided that what was causing that silence needed to be eliminated. That cause would be me. Over the past year, work and personal things have taken me away from the role I swore to complete. And because of that, nothing got done. Nothing occurred. Politically, we were as dead as a rock in the mud. And it's time for me to own up to that. After doing all this for almost four years... I think it's time to retire and pass along the reigns. I can honestly say this place has brought some of the best people into my life, and the worst. I don't plan to be leaving, (Ibaran will stick around), but be prepared for me to be hard to find. Those that need to contact me know how. I know I'm handing off the reigns to someone who will take care of the place like it should be taken care of. I'd encourage everyone to treat him with the same respect (or in some cases, please don't) that they gave me. He's definitely a bright individual. [center][b]At this time I'd like to congratulate Lord Cyvole on becoming the new Emperor of the Sasori Initiative.[/b][/center] Signing off, [i]Shurukian[/i]
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    Change in the Tides

    [quote name='Kochers' timestamp='1339472303' post='2981221'] Wow. This was certainly on my list of constants. I mean, between NPO being Franciscan and MK pulling the strings of world affairs is the line "Shurukian will be Empress of TSI". You have truly been a constant on this planet. From your time leading TGE so many years ago to TSI's birth and subsequent life, you have been a friend to the NADC and a sage to me during my time as FAM. I wish you the best of luck in your retirement; it is truly well deserved. [/quote] Thanks Kochers. You know how to grab me! Don't lose touch, I enjoy your company. And don't worry, I know how to pull Frenchy's strings.
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    The ones that break our hearts.

    The ones that break our hearts are always the best. That one person that understands you more than anyone, that seems so perfect. So wonderful. They give us the best songs, write us the best words, send us the best pictures, and speak the best lines. They show us what love feels like, and suddenly we understand that the world looks so much more beautiful from the passenger side of someone’s heart. They ignite the deepest desire in us, and a constant thought of ‘If I could have this perfectly for just one moment, just hold you and hear you say you love me for one second, my life would be complete’. They understand how to look at you, hug you, speak to you at the perfect instant. These people are all we’ve ever dreamed of. When we think of perfection, we define them. They are nothing but wonderful to us. They are all we need. There are reasons that our hearts are broken. Why our stories are so unique, yet so identical. Our ex literary lovers, our distant heart breakers, they are nothing but piles of what if’s and possiblys. We spin our untold futures into love songs that don’t exist. To us, they are as beautiful as the wind shaping the Earth into ripples of feelings. We call them ‘wonderstruck’. They call us ‘not quite yet’. The passion that breaks your heart comes from biting reality of unreturned love. And maybe they did love us, but they never loved us the most. We were always second place in a one man race. Our love, our passion, only intensified by the fact that this person might just love us tomorrow, might just come around. We stay, and we fight, and we spend too many nights with tears that are better saved for softer sorrows. We believe that if we can move at just the right frequency, they will realize that we are beautiful human beings that would deliver the moon to them in a bottle, if only we could. We are the back ups, the second choices, the rebounds, the time passers. We are the temporary obsessions, the affairs, the long term lost lovers. We are everything but good enough. We make them feel as if the world was created to make only them smile, but we still never see the gold medal. We never truly win the race. We fill a gap. They want our words, our hearts, but not our souls. We are a dispensary system for the things they need, but we are never what they want. And when they are finished with us, we are left cold, crumbled, and calloused. We build our castles of mortar and brick and swear never to let down the bridge. Until one day, the castle crumbles. At some point, we must realize that second place is not enough. That the moon can’t be contained in a bottle. That we’ve never seen the passenger side of our love’s heart, because we were always locked in the back seat. Our past loves are past loves for a reason – in a chain that’s necessary to support love, a link was broken. A piece missing. We cannot force those these people to love only us. To want only us. While we spent days memorizing the way the lines on their skin fit with ours like puzzle pieces, they spent days thinking about the ways to explain to why there was two people running a one man race. We were never their dream. We are worth the stars. We deserve the passenger seat. We will find real love. A love that wakes you at six in the morning to tell you how beautiful you are. A love that believes you are the best thing that has ever happened to them since recess in the third grade. A love that is comfortable. A love that is honest. We deserve to hand the world to someone and have them paint it into a galaxy. They may not give you the best music. Or say just the right words. Or keep you up at night praying that maybe tomorrow, they’ll be yours. Because real, true love will never make us wonder. It will never be unconfident. It will never make us feel like we are molding to the whim of a person that is as yielding as a runaway train. We will understand that a heart is only complete when you can look into the eyes of the person that completes your world and know that there is honestly no place on Earth that they would rather be. A love like this is worth waiting for. The ones that break our hearts open our eyes to understand what it will look like. We love, we hurt, and we learn. And by understanding what it is like to love a person so completely, we understand how a person should love us in return. Never settle for being someone’s second place. Because sometime, somewhere, we will create something beautiful.
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    The ones that break our hearts.

    Thank you Inst, I don't normally get these types of critiques. It's great to have someone finally analyze the structure and composition.
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    The ones that break our hearts.

    What'cha doin' with it?
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    The ones that break our hearts.

    Thank you guys, I don't normally expect such positive comments on here. I'm glad it resonates with you as it did with me.
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    Three things...

    ...that are quite hard for me to admit: Hang with me here. If you're not in the mood for something like this, please, discontinue reading. 1. I am a categorical 'saver'. This is a great frustration not only to me, but to most of the people I confide in. 2. Road trips, moving, and traveling are my way of trying to escape situations in life that I feel I can't handle. 3. People have taken advantage of me, and I can't hate them for it. Hating them would mean acknowledging that something terrible happened to me. It's not actually because I'm such a nice person. In saying that, I'll be on the West Coast all next week. Why post this here? It's the only place where I won't have to deal with the awkward looks, ridiculous lectures, and pathetic gestures from those that will read it. Caveat: I'm not such a nice person.
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    Update: V3.

    Since my last update in February, a lot has changed. I guess I'll start off with the topic most people follow. In May, I was able to add another question or answer, depending on how you look at it, to my repertoire of medical problems. While out climbing some cliffs near my home, I got a call that I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Because of the fact that I was leaving to drive cross country again in three days, I wasn't able to see a specialist. And I still haven't been able to. The good news with it is that my numbers for the Rheumatoid factor are pretty low. When my mother spoke to the nurse, who has RA, she said that my numbers were around 50, and 37 is positive. Her RA factor tests around 115. So mine is still low. Whether it will get higher, I have no idea. The Rheumatoid Factor test also tests for more than just RA. So, I could have something completely different. I'll have to go to a specialist and they'll have to start playing the guessing game for us to figure it out. I'm not sure if I'm seeing any symptoms of anything yet. I have felt some weakness, stiffness, and pain in my fingers, but I'm not sure if that's because I was out of climbing for a month or two and have started back up. I spent all of Sunday bouldering with friends, and even though I didn't climb much, I had much, much more stiffness in my hands than the others, including new climbers. I'm staying optimistic for now and saying it's just because I've been out of climbing for a while. But just like last summer, this summer I drove out to Reno, NV again to live and work there. It turned out to be one of the best decisions ever, because I now have a six month old baby girl. She may be a little small, and a little fuzzy, but she's perfect to me. This is Nala. When I got to Reno, I decided my apartment was a little too lonely, and I wanted to adopt an animal. I was going to adopt a cat off of Craigslist, but when I went to respond to it, the ad was deleted. Nala's ad was the one directly underneath it. I clicked it and decided to go for it. It had no picture or description. When we finally met the woman, we learned that her mother had found Nala under her car, way out in an Indian Reservation. She was 5-6 weeks old. The woman put her in her trailer with her other cat, and left, since she wasn't living there anymore. When we came to pick her up, it was a week after they had found her. The other cat in the house didn't really like Nala, and would hiss whenever she came near her. She had very little human contact, since she was left alone in this trailer with the cat for almost the whole week. When we took her home, she was 6 to 7 weeks old, and so tiny. But she's been the perfect cat. She acts like a child. When she's scared, she wraps her paws around my neck. When she's had a hard day, she won't go to sleep unless I'm holding her paw. If I'm watching TV, she'll crawl up into my arms, curl up, and watch it too. Her favorite show is the Daily Show. Her favorite music is Bon Iver. If either of those two are playing, she's instantly on my lap. She's truly the most wonderful thing in the world to me. After being out in Reno for a little bit, Bakamitai made the wonderful trip out and spent some time out there with mhawk and I. During his time in Reno, we went up to Tahoe to show him the amazing scenery. It was 65 degrees, drizzling, and there was still quite a lot of snow on the ground. For some reason, I got the wonderful idea to jump in Tahoe. I don't know if anyone here has ever done something called the Polar Bear Plunge, but let me tell you: When you jump into water that's 45 degrees on the surface, it hits you like a brick out of a cannon. You can't breathe, and your body is instantly screaming at you, "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!" It was probably my quickest swim back to shore, but also one of the most exhilarating things I've ever felt. I would totally do it again. Plus, I had the wonderful oppertunity to wear Baka's extra jeans for the rest of the day, which fit me perfectly. And of course it wouldn't be an entry if I didn't throw some climbing stuff in. Not only did Baka and I climb some awesome stuff, but my Roommate from all the way back in Pennsylvania hitchhiked his way out to Reno to do some climbing with me. If you can see the absolute pure concentration on his face, you can tell that he's an amazing climber. And a pretty awesome crusher. I did try to get Baka to climb this cave roof... ...But he couldn't get his butt off the ground. Next time, Baka, next time. At the end of the summer, right before I left, I managed to cross one thing off my bucket list. There is a place in Reno called the Little Shop Of Horrors. It's a 120 foot cliff, that I have never, ever gotten to rappel. Well, I pulled it off right before the end of the summer. Setting this up, then climbing over the edge was truly nerve wracking. You can't tell, but the rock is a little overhanging. So once you're past the first ten feet of the top, you're just hanging in open air. It's an amazing feeling. So amazing that I rappelled it twice to make sure I'd remember it. My friend Seth moved to Colorado this summer while I was away. Two days ago he just free soloed the Third Flat Iron, a 1,200 foot cliff. He did it with no ropes, and no protection. He said it was the most peaceful feeling he's ever felt. That's my new goal. Someday, I will free solo that cliff. And lastly, I'll finish this off the same way I usually end these updates off. It doesn't matter if you have a disease. It doesn't matter if you have depression. It doesn't matter if you feel completely bogged down. Go out, and find beautiful places. Do beautiful things. Even though I have conditions that try to limit me in a lot of ways, I get around it, and I do what I love. Last year, I only found one amazingly beautiful place: That cliff in South Lake. I'm happy to say I found three this summer. So, I present to you, this year's beautiful places. Arches National Park, Moab, UT. Carson City, NV in the background, and the Sierra Nevadas. Washoe Lake, NV, and the Sierra Nevadas. Tahoe is right behind that mountain. Climb on.
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    On The Day You Crossed the Line

    Thank you guys so much, this is so sweet. I must admit I wasn't expecting this. I'm really lucky to have all of you guys around. It really means a lot to me. Also, thank you for not actually declaring war on me or any of our members, Cyvole. I know that's something you would do in a heartbeat... if you were big enough. Also, I'll be making an actual government related announcement sometime soon... whenever I get around to it.
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    Update: V3.

    That part of America is just beautiful in all sorts of ways.
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    Update: V3.

    I've passed through Ohio four times IYIyTh, and unless you leave Ohio, I don't believe you'll be getting your adventure.
  17. [center][img]http://i416.photobucket.com/albums/pp241/FireAtWill013/Cybernations/30627770.png[/img][/center] [center] About a month and a half ago during the massive hubbub of war, TSI voted on a new constitution. In an interest to not clutter anything during a time that we were making other threads, we decided to wait a bit before we posted it up. So for your viewing pleasure, here's the new constitution of the Sasori Initiative, complete with a bulleted tl;dr.[/center] [quote] [center][b][size=12pt][color=blue]Preamble[/color][/size][/b] “All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; hope.”[/center] [center][size=12pt][b][color=blue]Article I - Ideals[/color][/b][/size][/center] The Sasori Initiative does not believe in Reparations, Eternal ZI or Permanent ZI as a form of punishment. We believe in the freedom of speech for all members and the duty of assisting our fellow citizens through any and all means possible. We, the members of the Sasori Initiative, are committed to the upholding of these ideals. [center][size=12pt][b][color=blue]Article II – Chonin[/color][/b][/size][/center] All nations are free to apply to The Sasori Initiative, but must uphold the ideals to be accepted. To become a citizen of the Sasori Initiative, the applicant must change his or her or her Alliance Affiliation (AA) to “The Sasori Initiative”. The applicant must not be a member of any other alliance, nor have any outstanding debts (financial, tech or otherwise) or ongoing offensive conflicts with other alliances. TThe Imperial Office reserves the right to deny any entries on any cause. Applicants may be required to submit to a written examination for the purposes of assessing their understanding of the Initiative's constitution and laws as the discretion of the Imperial Office. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]Rights of the Chonin[/color][/b][/size] All citizens will be afforded the protection of the Initiative as long as they uphold the Initiative's Ideals. All citizens shall be afforded the right to leave the Initiative without fear of reprisal once they have settled any outstanding financial or tech debts with the Initiative. It is left to the discretion of the Imperial Office as to whether or not said nation has debts to settle. All citizens shall be afforded the right of free speech both in public and in private and the ability to question the leaders of the Initiative about information. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]Obligations of the Chonin[/color][/b][/size] All citizens are expected to fight in defense of the Initiative should it be attacked. It is expected that citizens of the Initiative will follow the directives of the Imperial Office and the Ministers and, in the event that they disagree, handle their dispute in a respectable and responsible manner. Citizens are highly encouraged to participate in the inner workings of the alliance including general elections and the discussion of new legislation and amendments as well as new ideas for the Initiative. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]Removal of a Chonin[/color][/b][/size] In the event that a citizen violates the ideals of the Sasori Initiative, commits acts of espionage against the Initiative or continually defies the directives of the Imperial Office or the Ministers that citizen will be expelled from the Initiative and denied the protections this document provides. Should the former citizen continue to attempt to shelter under the Initiative’s AA they shall be declared a Ghost and shall be treated as a hostile target. [center][size=12pt][b][color=blue]Article III - The Imperial Office[/color][/b][/size][/center] The Daimyo or Kougou is the single leader and the Ruler of The Sasori Initiative. It is his or her responsibility to conduct the day to day affairs of the Alliance including overseeing defense, recruitment, aid programs and the operation of the government. The Daimyo or Kougou shall serve until they wish to step down from the post or are removed from the post in the process stated below. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]Powers of the Imperial Office[/color][/b][/size] The Emperor or Empress is granted the authority to appoint members to lead the Gaikou Daijin (Minster of Diplomacy), Eichi Daijin (Minister of Wisdom), Kyouko Daijin (Minister of Stability) and Ikioi Daijin (Minister of Life). The Daimyo or Kougou has the power to delegate responsibilities to the appropriate Daijins/ Ministers and to dismiss a Daijin/Minister if they are not performing in a satisfactory manner. It is solely within the Daimyo’s or Kougou’s purview to determine if a Daijin has failed to perform up to the expected standards. The Daimyo or Kougou is empowered to override the decision of a Daijin at any time and, should the need exist in their opinion, assume partial or full responsibility of that Ministry. The Em Daimyo or Kougou press has the authority to veto proposed amendments to the Constitution. The Imperial Office, with the assent of the Office of the Shogun and the Office of the Gaikou Daijin, may issue a declaration of war against a foreign power and/or extend that foreign power terms of peace. The specifics of any terms or conditions in these declarations are left to the sole authority of the Imperial Office. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]Resignation or Removal[/color][/b][/size] The Daimyo or Kougou may resign from his or her position at any time for any reason as they see fit. At the time of resignation, the Minarai (See article IV) will take the position of Daimyo or Kougou. This will be done after a one-month minimum training period of the Minarai, or immediately in the event of an emergency. If the Daimyo or Kougou resigns, and the Minarai position is empty, then an election will be held for seventy-two (72) hours or until sixty percent (60%) of the alliance membership has voted, whichever is sooner. The candidate with the most votes once the Election is closed will be appointed to the position of Daimyo or Kougou. If it is felt that there is a pressing need, the Daimyo or Kougou may be removed in the case of inactivity, or acting negatively in the interests of the Initiative. To do so, the Daijins must come to a unanimous vote to remove the Daimyo or Kougou. At this point, the decision will be turned over to the membership of the initiative, and a 96-hour voting period must be held. The vote will be open until 75% vote in favor to remove is reached, or the 96-hour period is over, whichever is later. A 75% majority is necessary to end the removal process. If a 75% majority is reached, the Minarai will take the position of Daimyo or Kougou as soon as the vote is completed. If there is no Minarai, then a membership vote will be held, as outlined above. [center][size=12pt][b][color=blue]Article IV - The Minarai[/color][/b][/size][/center] The Minarai is the Heir to the throne, and a training position for the future Daimyo or Kougou. The current Daimyo or Kougou will appoint a Minarai when they have made the decision to pass on the title, and step down. The Minarai will retain his or her position for at least a month before he or she is able to take the position of Daimyo or Kougou. During this month long period, the Daimyo or Kougou will provide training to the Minarai, such as introducing him or her to allies, getting him or her acquainted with all sections of the forums, and familiarizing him or her with the responsibilities of the leadership role. The Minarai may resign his post at any time. [center][size=12pt][b][color=blue]Article V - The Daijins[/color][/b][/size][/center] Daijins are appointed and dismissed solely by the Imperial Office unless otherwise noted. The Daijins are empowered to act within their job duties. The Current Daijins are: [size=12pt][b][color=blue]The Shogun[/color][/b][/size] While the Imperial Office retains the title of Commander-in-Chief of TSI, the military arm of the Initiative is overseen by the Shogun who serves as the Chief of Staff. The Shogun is charged with the handling of any and all matters directly pertaining to the defense of the Initiative. This is including, but not limited to, military attacks on citizens by enemies foreign and domestic, counter-espionage actions in defense of the Initiative and its operational security, broadcasting of alliance-wide messages, oversight of any and all attacks launched by citizens of the Initiative and the organization of the military including the induction, promotion and demotion of soldiers. The Shogun is free to appoint a Deputy to perform any responsibilities he or she feels necessary. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]The Gaikou Daijin[/color][/b][/size] The Gaikou Daijin is charged with the oversight of all ambassadorial staff and activities within the Initiative including any and all members assigned as diplomats to other alliances. In the event of work on a treaty with another alliance the Gaikou Daijin is empowered to take charge of any negotiations being conducted by a diplomat for the purpose of coordinating more closely with the Imperial Office. The Gaikou Daijin is free to appoint a Deputy to perform any responsibilities he or she feels necessary. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]The Eichi Daijin[/color][/b][/size] The Eichi Daijin exists as an overseer of the internal functioning of the alliance, and a source of information and reference materials for the Initiative as a whole. The Eichi Daijin is charged with the oversight of the Kyouko Daijin and the Ikioi Daijin, and the production and maintenance of any guides or informational resources. The Eichi Daijin should also serve as a resource-in-person both on IRC and the forums for the purposes of answering questions posed by the citizenry. The Eichi Daijin is free to appoint a Deputy to perform any responsibilities he or she feels necessary. [size=10pt][b][color=blue]-The Kyouko Daijin[/color][/b][/size] The Kyouko Daijin, overseen by the Eichi Daijin, is responsible for the development of nations in the forms of aid, tech, trades, and other monetary issues. The Kyouko Daijin is charged with assisting citizens in establishing stable trade circles for the purposes of ensuring growth and development for their nations as well as the arming of said nations with nuclear weapons through the acquisition of uranium trades. The Kyouko Daijin is also charged with the establishment of tech deals for citizens of the Initiative (one-by-one and three-by-three deals), the development and implementation of aid programs to assist chonin of the Initiative in the growth of their nations, and the handling of any and all settling of debts owed on the part of the Initiative to another alliance. The Kyouko Daijin is free to appoint a Deputy to perform any responsibilities he or she feels necessary. [size=10pt][b][color=blue]-The Ikioi Daijin[/color][/b][/size] Operated by the Ikioi Daijin and overseen by the Eichi Daijin, this Ministry is tasked with the writing and distribution of recruitment messages in an effort to bring new citizens to the Initiative. The Ikioi Daijin is specifically empowered to form a recruitment staff from within the ranks of the alliance for the purposes of increasing the distribution of messages and shall, upon request, verify the referral of any and all new recruits to the alliance to the Imperial Office. The Ikioi Daijin is free to appoint a Deputy to perform any responsibilities he or she feels necessary. [size=12pt][b][color=blue]The Powers of the Daijins Regarding Bills and Treaties[/color][/b][/size] The Gaikou Daijin and the Shogun are each given one (1) vote for the purpose of approving or denying treaties with foreign powers. The Imperial Office shall hold the power of two (2) votes. There must be a majority for the treaty to pass. The Eichi Daijin and the closest Ministry affected by the proposed bill are each given one (1) vote for the purpose of approving or denying new bills governing the conduct of the Initiative. The Imperial Office shall hold the power of two (2) votes. The Imperial Office will determine which Ministry is most closely affected, and will allow that Daijin to vote on the bill. There must be a majority for the bill to come into effect. [center][size=12pt][b][color=blue]Article VI - Mergers and Dissolution[/color][/b][/size][/center] It is understood that, from time to time, alliances can join together to join larger organizations or can become defunct due to reduced membership, internal inactivity or other factors. As the Sasori Initiative is an alliance founded on the principle of choice for the common member, it is understood that such drastic actions must take place only at the behest of the popular sentiment. In order for the Initiative to 1) merge into or accept the merger of another alliance or 2) officially dissolve and retire the name and flag of the alliance a vote of the general membership must take place. Should 2/3 of the general membership vote in favor, the Daijins of the alliance vote in favor and the Imperial Office give its assent, the merger or dissolution shall take place immediately. [center][size=12pt][b][color=blue]Article VII - Amendments[/color][/b][/size][/center] It is recognized that as the political environment changes and the Initiative grows, amendments to this Constitution may be needed. Amendments may be drafted, posted and discussed by any member or group of members in the alliance in the private sections of the forum. A vote on the amendment may be called by the author(s) at any time and will last for seventy-two (72) hours. A vote of two-thirds (2/3) in favor is needed for the amendment to be passed to the Imperial Office for final approval. Should the Imperial Office give final approval to the amendment, it shall be immediately incorporated into the Constitution. [/quote] [b]Changes:[/b] (tl;dr) [list] [*]Name Changes for your non-understanding pleasure [*]Ideals Restructuring [/list] Any and all questions may be asked below. Signed, The Kougou, [i]Shurukian[/i] The Shogun, [i]Chunky Monkey[/i] The Gaikou Daijin, [i]Kharn[/i] The Eichi Daijin, [i]Lord Cyvole[/i] The Kyouko Daijin, [i]Freeland[/i] [i]The Chonin of the Sasori Initiative[/i] [size="1"] Questions are not guaranteed to be answered. Must be 18 years of age or older to proceed further. Speed limit - 28.8 or higher. The Hostess will seat you now. Some assembly required. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly. May be too intense for some viewers. This product is meant for educational purposes only. All models are over 18 years of age. If condition persists, consult your physician. Take two of these and call me in the morning. Please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform. Calls may be monitored for quality assurance or training purposes. Smoking could be hazardous to your health. If something offends you, lighten up, get a life and move on. Terms are subject to change without notice. Disclaimer does not cover misuse, accident, lightning, flood, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricanes, or other acts of Bob, neglect, damage from improper use, incorrect line voltage, unauthorized use, unauthorized repair, improper installation, typos, broken antenna or marred cabinet, missing or altered serial numbers, electromagnetic radiation from nuclear blasts, sonic boom vibrations, customer adjustments that are not covered in this list, and incidents owing to an airplane crash, ship sinking or taking on water, motor vehicle crashing, dropping the item, falling rocks, leaky roof, broken glass, disk failure, accidental file deletions, mud slides, forest fire, hitting of a deer, milk coming out of your nose due to laughing while drinking, or projectiles, which can include, but are not limited to, arrows, bullet shots, BBs, shrapnel, lasers, napalm, torpedoes, emissions of X-rays, Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays, knives, stones, etc. [/size]
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    FOK Announcement

    [quote name='Antoine Roquentin' timestamp='1300997631' post='2674938'] Not too hard to figure out . It was probably in poor taste, though. [/quote] I'd agree. Hey there FOK, heard you'd like to have some fun. We're glad to see you. Oh, I'd also like to point out that TSI wasn't even given terms by MK until one or two days ago. So, if there's any discussion about us waffling and therefore deserving 'harsher treatment', consider it null and void.
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    Carlos Award Ceremony

    Congratulations Pansy!
  20. Shurukian

    UPN Government Announcement

    Congratulations guys!
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    Eternal Slumber

    Hey Vlad, it's been fun having you around. I enjoyed our chats way back when. Congratulations on escaping Planet Bob, I've heard there's much better places somewhere out there. Good luck!
  22. Hey Toku, nice to see you back. We should catch up sometime, we all miss your presence over here in the Scorpion area. Hope you're doing good!

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    Shanks a lot.

    This sounds absolutely horrible Alfred. I know how horrible it can get when people decide to spread things around about you and you have little that you can do. Hopefully you can get this sorted out fast and these jerks leave you alone.
  24. It's been a year and a half now since I've posted an update to the condition I have. For those of you that haven't read my first blog entry about this, I have a disease called Tietze's Disease. As I said in the last entry, I was diagnosed shortly after Christmas in early 2008, though I developed it many years before. Tietze's disease is a very rare disease. In basics, everyone has an underlying tissue, called the myofascial tissue. Think of it like a giant net around your body. For most, this stretches and moves, however, for Tietze sufferers, the tissue tightens up and doesn't stretch much. It's extremely rare but very commonly misdiagnosed, and sometimes masks tumors, heart attacks, heart dysfunctions, and lung problems. As I said before: because of this, my rib cage doesn't move much, which limits the oxygen I take in. But I know a lot more about it now then I did before. For example, my skin in general doesn't move as much as normal people's. When you touch the skin on your arm right now, it should have an inch or two of give to move around. Mine skin moves maybe a half an inch. My muscles don't develop as fast as others. It takes me a few months to get strong enough to climb a grade above, when almost all other climbers can train for a few weeks. If you press hard and run your fingers up my shins or forearms, you can feel tight tissue balled up, like small hills. Same along my breast bone. You can't see them, but you can feel it. They've been causing random pains throughout my arms, legs, and chest. The biggest new symptom, however, is my memory. I forget enormous amounts of information. I can't remember valentines day last year. I can't remember my schedule from last semester, even though it was only two months ago. I can't remember almost all of my junior and sophomore years of high school, including the two year relationship I had with my first boyfriend. Sometimes, I'll even forget what my best friends or family looks like. My memory problem has been a recent issue, that started very slowly just before the summer and spiked the past six months. Of course, this coincided with when I got back from Tahoe and became active on IRC again. Many people have messaged me to talk about old stories, past events, or just say hi, and I've had to tell many of them that I didn't know what they were talking about (and in a few cases, that I didn't even remember who they were). I'm really very sorry for this, and I'm hoping you guys will stay patient with me while I try to get this issue under control or see where it goes. It seems to ebb and flow: just when I think it's getting better, it turns around on me. It's created an entirely new obstacle with school. These issues are not ones that are thought to be commonly associated with Tietze's. If you read most definitions of the disease, it's mainly thought to only affect a certain part of your ribcage joints. Because of this, I've reached a new thought... I'm pretty sure I've been misdiagnosed. When I was diagnosed with Tietze's, it was by a physical therapist in her 60's at Hershey Medical Center. I had been there for fifteen minutes. It seemed like a miracle at the time, but now I wonder if it was just an easy label. She spoke of seeing many people with this problem, but most research says there's only been slightly over a hundred correct diagnoses of the disease in the past fifty years. I'm all set to believe that number is very low, but I can't believe that an extremely rare disease blossomed overnight. Also, I've seen my medical charts. Tietze's isn't listed on it. Even though most doctors in the United States have no idea what Tietze's disease is, I would think it would at least be listed on my medical charts if I was diagnosed. I always have to remind the doctors that I see that I have it. Being misdiagnosed holds a different set of worries for me though: One, do I have something worse? And two, I'm going to have to go through all of those horrid tests again if I want to challenge this. With it taking two years of neverending doctors just to get a Tietze's diagnosis, I'm not thrilled about that idea. I mentioned in the last entry about this that most people grow out of Tietze's, and a handful don't. It's supposed to be a short duration syndrome, that clears up after six months to a few years. With this going on six years now and only getting worse, I think it's safe to say that I won't be growing out of it. Unfortunately, there's still no treatment, and the research on it is still non-existent. Nevertheless, I still know that it could be worse. I'm alive, I'm functional, and it doesn't prevent me from doing things I love, it only gives me more obstacles to work through. Is it a little intimidating and worrisome? Yeah, it is. But it's pointless to think negatively about it when I can't change it. I made a major achievement this summer. I climbed a 80 foot, 5.10a route (up there in the hardness level) at 6,000 feet. My house at home is at 200 feet. It was a huge event for me, and I didn't even realize the grade of what I had done until I got home. We had thought the climb was much easier. It was longer and harder than anything I'd ever climbed. So no matter what, nothing's holding me back. “When you reach the top, keep climbing.” The Left Seam - 5.10a