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  1. Gee, call me crazy, but I used to think the very fact of destroying most of an alliances NS was worthwhile enough, lol. 


    Making a nation sit in peace mode for almost 5 months is really awful to even ask.  [OOC]You are basically asking a person to quit the game for nearly half a year.  Ruining his game experience for that time.[/OOC]  I know you think that term is creative, but it's not.  It's punitive and ridiculous. 


    Every alliance is using peace mode.  Your side has alliances with huge swaths of upper tier in peace mode.  If you didn't want NPO putting a few nations into PM, then maybe you shouldn't have used a fabricated CB on NSO to draw NPO into war and instead just attacked NPO with the grudge CB.  Many alliances learned this several years ago, that if you want to destroy the NpO you have to attack them directly.  If you attack their allies, NpO will just claim they weren't called in and won't defend them and would let their ally burn.  If you wanted NPO, you should've just attacked them directly.  Your mistake.

    Though, once you reach a certain point in the game, there isn't a whole lot to do besides bloat your tech stats and move your mars/moon base.  

  2. I find it very hard to believe that GOONS didn't declare on GOD without consulting VE and getting their approval first.  So, no I don't believe you VE and I think you are perfectly fine being firmly planted in TOPsphere.

    GOD declared on GOONS for attacking R&R.  



  3. Well it's a good thing I didn't listen to you franz and join ng when I was looking for an aa.

    I mean, I can understand that !@#$ happens, people get tired of other people in the same aa, so they kick people they get tired of. But at least the aa should have let you know that they were tired of you and not just kick you without you knowing anything about it and to do it at a time when you couldn't be on due to vacation. What a dick move

    I've not known of this sort of behavior in either AA I've been a part of.  Members left on their own accord or were booted for spying.

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