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  1. A somewhat necessary syntax lesson because Tywin is an idiot and I'm a grammar geek. :|


    You can't spell "win" with "Tywin." It is literally impossible to fit a 5-letter word into a 3-letter one. Try it at home,  you can't do it.

    It may be possible in very small instances of 5.

  2. The nation of Legend has always embraced its freedom of choice for her peoples.  If the great Ariana Empire desires to parade a lovely lady around as their leader, they are welcome to do so, in spite of what Moose und Squirrel think about it.


    Besides, Moose is fine eating.

  3. Aww because I play a little role on the big boards? Those who matter, know me better. In situations where it's required, they get to know me better and see a different side of me. The fact that you're upset over the way I act on a global stage, worries me none. You mean nothing in this global scape, and I'll never meet you any where of consequence where you'll see me.

    Though, it is thought that how we behave online is just a manifestation of who we really are beneath the cover or manners and tact.


    I didn't know you well when we shared time in VE, so I can't make any claims either way.

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