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  1. Alliance of the Year
    Most Powerful Alliance:  Doombird Doomcave
    Best Military:   Viridian Entente
    Best Rookie Alliance
    Most Powerful Bloc
    Best Flag:
    Most Active Alliance
    Most Honorable Alliance
    Best Diplomatic Team
    Best Economic System
    Best Recruiting Staff:  Viridian Entente
    Best Propagandist
    Scariest Alliance
    Best Alliance Growth
    Best War Flag
    Best Forums
    Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2015
    Most Immoral Alliance
    Most Controversial Alliance
    Player of the Year
    Most Powerful Player
    Best Alliance Leader
    Most Controversial Player
    Best Player Sig
    Best Player Avatar
    Best Poster
    Nicest Player
    Funniest Player
    Most Active Player
    Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2015
    Best New Addition to the Community
    Most Hated Poster
    Best Declaration of War (Alliance Topic):  VE Declaration on MI6
    Best Declaration of War (in-game war screen)
    Best Wall of Text
    Best OWF Topic
    Biggest Controversy
    Funniest Event
    Most Entertaining IRC Channel
    Best Treaty Announcement
    Worst Diplomatic Move: DBDC Declaration to initiate current conflict
    Best Player Quote
    Best IRC Log
    Largest E-Peen
    Best Villain:  DBDC
    Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit)
    Best WaterCooler Thread


    Worst Alliance

    Worst Sphere

    Worst Poster

    Most Annoying Poster:  Tywin

    Biggest Mouth: Tywin

    Biggest !@#$:  Tywin

    Quietest Power Player

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