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  1. Stop ringing my doorbell you crazy whippersnapper!

  2. !@#$ !@#$ !@#$%* !@#$ !@#$

  3. Burka burka de-burk

  4. Backwards progress is still progress :protip:
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Boldjowel!

  6. HUAC is undeserving of my brilliance.

  7. I am reporting you to the House of Un-American Activities Committee for insinuating that you plot on IRC! (

  8. Invite me to said channels please we have much to connive.

  9. Founder of any and all IRC channels of course, you know I am trustworthy and would surely not cause massive communications breakdowns from clicking the wrong button?

  10. Founder of what are you starting a new alliance again? Let me know we'll set up some tech deals or coordinate some raids who knows we may even have ourselves a good time!

  11. Founder or nothing baby :P

  12. Where is this notify button? I have no clue.

    Would you accept half-ops? You know that you'll always have ops of some kind in our chans :v

  13. Tick the "notify me of what ever the beep is going on around here" box and you too can be astounded by pointless activity! (Also please remove my #cybergoons ops or I will never have a chance to talk to you again because I am channel-refusing until that is fixed.) :toot: have a great day!

  14. Louisa you should know I never look at my own profile :P

    What up hommie g

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