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  1. I am going to take exception to NPO being some kind of world ending plague as you claim. As far as I can see - we have done nothing but grow people in this world - how is this bad for this world? NPO has managed to grow it's size while alliances - such as yours - have not. We don't do it because we are what you claim - we retain people because we keep them busy and teach them how to play in this world. You might want to try it some time instead of blaming everyone else for your demise.
  2. Pathetic, dickless, infants, attacking an online game made of pixels - I pity you for your evident lack of life outside of sitting in front of your computer. Raging to get even with people over imagined slights from people you have never met and never will have the pleasure of actually knowing - you are not worthy. I got news for ya fellas, actual power - true power is not in the ability to destroy - it is the ability to build. So enjoy you drooling and panting at your computer screen while the rest of us go about our day. Less CN gives us more time to chat on forums and on IRC with our friends - or go out and have a nice day in the sun - which is what I shall do. Thanks! Oh yes and again -thanks admin for all your hard work. The vast majority of us DO appreciate our home here in CN and the work you do to keep it running. In their attempts to disrupt and cause they have inadvertently brought the community together - I don't think they are fully aware of how well their plans have backfired.
  3. I think the above is probably a good example of what Letum is talking about LOL
  4. So you are saying Monsters Inc is just like Vox Populi? O_o And if you were, you would probably know the answer to that question.
  5. And to think you have actually spent time in the NPO, more than once, and think this is applicable to us. :psyduck:
  6. This is seriously the best laugh I have had all day!! Thank you so very much! :awesome:
  7. o/ Oculus /me feels all warm and tingly....
  8. Congratulations on 9 years IRON!
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