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  1. lol - i laughed way too hard at this - someone is a genius!
  2. It's pretty rich. Karma are the same people that were squeeing about NPO running new CN nations out of the game with the Jarhead war - yet they attack our applicants. Karma - whose company they keep have been attacking out tiniest nations and newest players in the game when they sign up for NPO for well over a year trying to run them out of the game. The NPO provides a safe haven for CN players on Red, to further retain players who do not wish to join an alliance - yet Karma allies use this war to raid them. Never minding of course the extent to which the NPO goes to train and retain new players in the game. Karma is nothing more than a ululating horde - mindless children straight out of "Lord of the Flies". Their approach to terms fits them to a tee - what they really are - not what they profess to be. Karma = Morality when convenient. Karma = Morality makes a good cover story but would not it know if it morality hit them in the face.
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