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  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee, buzz, buzz, buzz

  2. Randalla

    I bought a hat

    I support this.
  3. Hey Rand, thanks for posting the topic, I'm just popping on between packing and arranging things.

  4. Honey badger - yummy

  5. Hai Omni! If anyone wants more information for the sake of their own morbid curiosity, I'll be happy to answer questions in private. Otherwise, I'm content to let this entire outrageously ridiculous mess finally settle down.
  6. I have to say, I'm extremely disappointed in your behavior, Oliver, and I'm sorry to see this happen. As La Cosa Nostra is under the protection of the Amazon Nation, I was made privy to these events, and have no problems discussing what happened and/or answering any questions regarding this incident in private--that includes anything you would like to discuss, Oliver. You're not under ZI, you're not being black-listed, you simply cannot be trusted any longer in a position of authority. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. You did some great things--this was simply a not-so-great thing. I hope to see better of you in the future.
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