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  1. You'll always be special in my books RV.
  2. If there is a post of the year award, I think we have a winner :D
  3. Many congrats to my former comrades, well done. It'll be over 100 tomorrow Gopher, I'm quite sure.
  4. Does this guy have something to do with it Baka?
  5. Now there's the Frawley I know. What took you so long to break out of your shell?
  6. Yeah me too :psyduck: Did someone bolt from NEW?
  7. Idk why, but I got wayyyyyyyy different co-ordinates. :psyduck:
  8. Confirmed, 100% effectivness. Thanks Chin, and thanks for the link. I can't run it on my tablet but I'll give it a go on my desktop later on. :)
  9. Probably just needs a bit of time? It's cool Chintan, I'll hang in there until it gets sorted.
  10. Yeah that's a really poor show there Marc. I wouldn't be suprised if instead of a surrender you get a ban hammer. Probably going too far since that was your first post, but still I would have thought you'd know better.
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