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  1. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1300473313' post='2669203'] Oh thank Admin, the other one collected at 24 days! [/quote] And we made up what we lost from the other one.
  2. [color=#FF8C00]•[/color] 9 {148} [color=black](+0)[/color] [color=orange][i]The Order of the Paradox[/i][/color] : 28.60 --> 28.62 [color=red](+0.02)[/color] Gains are usually green, but I'm all for changing it up. EDIT: TOOL, GPA
  3. Congrats R&R, stay up there so we can have 2 sanctioned Superfriends.
  4. I hope you get the 3 votes needed.
  5. I strongly agree with...the name of your blog. Good choice.
  6. That should get the point across.
  7. [quote]losing just a tenth of a point less than Checkmate.[/quote] I believe that is a hundredth actually.
  8. March madness is definitely the best because just about every alliance participates...
  9. [quote name='kevin32891' date='28 February 2010 - 02:14 PM' timestamp='1267388261' post='2208714'] To bad. Crap goes around and sure as hell comes around. [/quote] I need some ointment for that burn. Heh, punny.
  10. [quote name='SpoiL' date='28 February 2010 - 01:52 PM' timestamp='1267386945' post='2208682'] Sparta, MA: You two can burn. [/quote] I'd prefer freezing if you don't mind.
  11. It's resignation... small link > big link > your link
  12. Enjoy it while it lasts GDA, we are taking our position back.
  13. boo! put them back, they deserve it! (edit = wrong smilie)
  14. So is every other alliance behind us, doesn't mean you will catch us.
  15. MONOS ARCHEIN Monos Archein was founded on November 19, 2007, and has been serving nations like yours for over a year. If you're looking for a fun place to stay while playing Cybernations, Monos Archein is the place for you. If you are an IRC person, then our members will never fail to cheer you up when you're down. If you don't get down, well, you'll still some great fun on IRC. If you're only a forum person, don't think you can't get the same experience. You can always find something interesting, funny, or just plain random in either our spam forum or tavern. Did I forget to mention t
  16. I sent you a message through the forums.
  17. 12 Grand Global Alliance: 23.55 --> 23.66 (+0.13) ---------- Add Line: 11.77 --> 11.91 (+0.13) ---------- Drop Line: 11.47 --> 11.61 (+0.13) Also in a stunning move, Add and Drop line match GGA's gains, straying from the normal half.
  18. Invicta: 13.28 --> 13.29 (+0.01) {152} Mushroom Kingdom: 13.04 --> 13.30 (+0.26) Invicta miraculously manages to stay ahead of Mushroom Kingdom
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