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  1. Good luck to Galerion, he's going to need it. Sometimes a fresh face in the lead can make a difference and I hope this is true in that case. But I'm confident that if he isn't derailed by whatever train wreck you cause behind the scenes, he should be more than able to rehabilitate the image of ISX. It all comes back to you, Junka. Galerion and ISX can only succeed if you take a true and firm step back from the war rhetoric and threats.

  2. 2 hours ago, Thrash said:


    I'd love to see a poll of how many alliances have him masked as "traitor". Most likely in the double digits by now. Wish he would've screwed GPA so we could see those warchests in action.


    It's as Rey says above, most are history and I've reconciled with a number of others.


    I am always open to reconciliation with NADC, I'm a good guy and all. The invitation is right here.

  3. I've refrained from commenting on the war until now. 


    I could provide safety to all Atlanticans, security for the future and stability for Atlantica for months or years to come. I worked tirelessly in the shadows, where I work best, with no oversight, again how I work best. Not the most democratic friendly way of things I'm sure but I was getting results. I did so with New Carnoly's approval. I vastly improved Atlantica's reputation. I did it quietly and with poise and grace. I had hoped to continue that work. I didn't want to see NADC become another MI6, another home I failed to protect. Perhaps I couldn't have done anything to save MI6 but I was in a position to save NADC. And you know I took it.


    Let's get to the meat and potatoes of the conversation and why you are in the position you are in now. As screenshots show, there are essentially only two points Aurelius made as a platform: promise of stable leadership (which I can totally provide, even if just to fill gaps, sorry O00O00, because I prefer to micromanage) and this whole move back to blue, deal with Polar promise. The rest was just about him and all he's done. The vote wasn't even close at all. You didn't need to discuss or vote because it was already decided. The Assembly is a blank check or a rubber stamp. They approved me twice, unanimously, as Deputy Secretary General. The second time shocked me given how people had started to despise me because I wasn't letting on to anything I was doing. They'll go along with anything the SecGen wants. 


    I didn't give anyone in Polaris those screenshots. I honestly don't know how they got out there (many people were really interested in why I was out at NADC, side note, I made so many friends for NADC y'all) but they got out there and that's all there is to it. I'm happy they got out there. I want to hug whoever got them out there. It won't make any difference. Let me be absolutely, 100% clear. I have never interacted with or to AlmightyGrub or EatEmUp until like night before's/early yesterday morning. They are both standup fellows from what I've learned via these discussions and I regret we didn't have a chance to build new bridges between Polaris and Atlantica. I can only dream of the beautiful friendship that could have blossomed there. There was such great potential that will never be lived up to. It's all too tragic. 


    That's all I will be saying on this matter. Thank you for your time.


    - Bernkastel

  4. Better make room on the Blue senate for us, we is coming back. 

    The boys are back in town, the boys are back in townnnnn! 




    A Brief Announcement or Two from the NADC

    Haha I had you going there, didn't I? ;) Huehue, I'm so bad. I'm many things but never stupid enough to kick that hornet nest!


    48 hours ago, I gave notice to Sparta that I have invoked Article VI of The Melting Pot Accords ODAP. That treaty between NADC and Sparta is now cancelled. Reasons were communicated in private. We at NADC wish Sparta the best in whatever the future holds for them. 


    We are more than happy to announce our long-serving leader XxHouseArrestxX aka Molagbal aka Molly has returned to us after a brief hiatus. It goes without saying, I'm ecstatic. Welcome back!


    Thanks for checking this out everybody. Hope ya have a great week or whatever.


    Bernkastel, Secretary General & Foreign Affairs Minister
    Chunky Monkey, Deputy Secretary General & Internal Affairs Minister
    O00O00, Military Operations Commander
    Scotia, Finance Minister

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