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  1. This’ll be a nice distraction and source of amusement.
  2. I'm having fun being all cryptic-y. Not like I have much else to do.
  3. We found you. Oh man, I am excited. We know who you are. You should be worried because the gig is up and the clock is ticking towards glorious global destruction. I can't wait to be in same room with the perpetrators of these acts. Make no mistake, action will be taken. I will not be under siege by a foreign power. Your government has clearly condoned these attacks on our nations. You will have a chance however. Our King is a just and wise King. You slipped up. You slipped up really, really bad. It was a funny way of doing it too. Just as I predicted you would. We waited patiently and our wait paid off. I am coming for you and I will not be alone. I am so terribly excited and giggling with anticipation. The excitement is unbearable and I can hardly hold it in. We revel in the fact that an era of peace is coming to an end. I am thirsty and hungry. One way or another, all my thirst and hunger will be quenched. Go ahead and preempt us. You know who you are and if you don't know who you are, you will hear from us very soon. You should run to peace mode because we won't be going in alone. You spied away our nukes. You've only got yourselves to blame for these hostilities. Are you still not going to reveal yourselves? What a shame. - Bernkastel of Tristana
  4. Never said I was butt hurt. I'm excited. I don't like people hiding. It appears to me that they don't want to have fun but we do. It's rather depressing we can't giggle and lob cruise or nuclear missiles at each other. It makes me a sad kastel.
  5. Why do you hide behind spy attacks? A spy attack is a fairly common and widely accepted casus belli. You have already declared an aggressive war on us by gathering intelligence, assassinating spies, targeting our nuclear stockpile and even targeting tanks for whatever reason. So, why are you hiding from us? You will be exposed sooner or later, you and your alliance will be punished and your allies will burn. We will have s'mores on that day and you will not be invited because you are burning and dead things can't eat s'mores. That outcome is inevitable and you know it. Spare us the politicking and just resign to your fate which you yourself have set in motion by acting on us. So why are you still hiding when everything has already been predetermined by the web that this world has weaved? You realize you can't win any war and getting involved in a war now means that you will cripple pieces of your future coalition. So you resort to hiding like cowards behind your spying attacks. You will slip up and when you do, I will be there. We will be there. And you will wish you had never begun this aggressive war on us. With that I say in the simplest of words: come at us, bro. We welcome the fun with open arms. Are you still hiding? That's too bad. Cowards. - Bernkastel of Tristana
  6. The percentage/amount of peace mode warriors is also amazing. You aren't being a very fun enemy so it's no wonder we would want Sentinel.
  7. is sipping tea, cackling and enjoying the show.

  8. No u. I will not do that. You fail. :

  9. Not really. At least once a week. I like t keep things interesting.

  10. Ohnoes. Don't eat meh. ;_;

  11. Good luck with the new alliance, it'll turn out great and I look forward to great things occurring. :P

  12. I'm still here, so no shoutout. :P

    Rerolling ftw.

  13. Yes. I left. I joined another awesome White alliance, Zenith. :awesome:

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