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  1. [quote name='Heft' timestamp='1322895510' post='2860336'] Well that's just rude. :/ [/quote] True. I should have said, "Not fully operational."
  2. [quote name='Heft' timestamp='1322895088' post='2860323'] It's good to be positive, especially during trying times. Keep your spirits up! There's always a light at the end of the tunnel! [/quote] I am posting in a positive manner to point out that the previous reply was positively retarded.
  3. [quote name='Heft' timestamp='1322894745' post='2860296'] Well I suppose a stale meme is the only proper response to a cascade of wars justified on stale vendettas. Well done. [/quote] I am posting in a positive manner to not support old/busted rhetoric.
  4. I am posting in a positive manner to support the alliance FARK.
  5. It is with great flatulence I salute all my bretheren.
  6. [center][img]http://i348.photobucket.com/albums/q341/MainyYak/ZenithDoW.jpg[/img] [/center]Greetings citizens of Bob. If the servers haven't once again crashed at a most inopportune time, you're reading this in the comfort of the OWF Alliance Announcements threads. If not, welcome to [url=http://www.farkistan.org]www.farkistan.org[/url]. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please pick up a radiation badge at the door. If it turns red, please stop by our Information desk and let our helpful assistants make arrangements to return your body to your homeland. Now to business. The picture abo
  7. By the time you come out of peace mode, it'll be starving. Shame.
  8. I'm not THAT drunk. Approaching it, yes. There, no. Not yet, anyway.
  9. I hereby refrain from witty comment until the hangover subsides. XOXOXO Your Pal, Mr. C
  10. I fully endorse and/or approve of this product/service/post.
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