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  1. @CollinRugg By all means keep showing the American people why the #PartyOfJimCrow should not be given majorities in… https://t.co/HKUrNpE7lu

  2. @BurgerKing I would not set foot in a Burger King again. And tell your employees not to bother calling the cops if… https://t.co/lZXnYvbWvG

  3. @markantro Or even worse, they know exactly what they're doing and are driven by frothing hatred. A significant cad… https://t.co/NP5cNgcwFB

  4. @yceek You mean being groped by pickpockets, attacked by drunks, catching a STD and then waking up in a cell?

  5. @CharlieAlpha74 Imagine what you're into sexually as the very core of your being - and hence you feel compelled to… https://t.co/HqHzzdjSPP

  6. @JeremyTheGingur @1FightingIrish @DLoesch @ChjckFilA also does not turn down customers based upon sexual orientatio… https://t.co/UsCUehosfz

  7. @fatherjonathan #AnthonyBourdain recently said, if given the chance, he would've poisoned #PoTUS. Meanwhile... https://t.co/4aynVX9OPy

  8. @liberty_dasa @LeahRBoss WTF, dude are you in #Daesh or something? If a woman shows her face - or even her ankles -… https://t.co/1ICdnthohz

  9. @brad_polumbo @KassyDillon @realDonaldTrump Yes, it is. It means you don't like the taste of steak, so you have the… https://t.co/yn3hVV1krU

  10. @CollinRugg Don't forget that #SamanthaBee also suggested that #IvankTrump should sexually seduce her own father to… https://t.co/Zj8URLYT1j

  11. Leftists are more comfortable blaming the victims, because that means all we need to do is change ourselves - heal… https://t.co/rRtYq0bgH4

  12. Before Watergate, the press was adversarial to both major Parties in varying degrees. They are the… https://t.co/RRdSt84NA3

  13. @RealJamesWoods Fraudulent accusation of sexual assault makes it harder for actual rape victims. It also puts LEOs'… https://t.co/U0BJ7MxA8K

  14. @GuyEndoreKaiser @LauraLoomer Maybe she doesn't want to live in a jurisdiction in which law-abiding citizens are ex… https://t.co/vAXfQgviMw

  15. It is not possible to be a Leftist w/o also being an elitist. The biased #EstablishmentMedia do not trust a feared,… https://t.co/bgLIwdBoeZ

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